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following the line

  • Big Jack walked to the head on the line. He donned his helmet, as he strode past the gathered members, Beery had already gone up the lane and was looking in his mirror, waiting patiently. The day was mild with a hint of rain. We had a long way to go, and a lot of time to get there, but we needed to get going. The crowd had started to assemble about 50 minutes before coming in dribs and drabs. The usual crew were there. Col rolled in all smiles. Charlie and Sluggo rolled in joined at the hip...Pete and Pete were there...Dad and Dave, along with Rings...Al Scotty and Marshall...of course I was there. Marty Andy and the new guy rolled in..Goz and Darren, and Daza...even Mr Sheen had pulled in for this one...Grey drove the van with Woody in tow.  We had the makings for a good run....Jobo and Muss rolled in a sight for sore eyes followed lastly by Mullet.

    With 500 kilometres till the first over night was time to crack on the throttles. 

    Jack fired his bike and rolled out into the lane....Sluggo and Charley rolled in behind...and then the usual rukus to see who'd be next down the line, I waited at the rear....which was brought up by Scotty and Al.

    A little after 8am Jack rolled his throttle and the mob moved off up the lane...Beery cut across the southbound land and road at a slow the bikes moved past him out onto the the southbound lane. Beery successfully pulled off another lane charge for the club...The bikes roared and swung onto the ramp hit the junction and turned right hit the round about...and turned north...staggered formation heading north along the highway... through the shopping centre the shoppers stopped and looked the noise coming out the pipes was impressive it always is. 22 bikes and a van towing a trailer...24 men on the road to somewhere.......cont.