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Rentals iv

  • The first week was epic, as far as Rentals went. Chaz and the family sat by the dining table in the shed on the saturday night, and counted out the weeks takings. After expenses were taken out, that managed to squirrel away, around 8500 dollars. The girls said that all the bikes were booked out again. Ernie had returned the bike he hired much to Chucks disbelief. All in all they had a relatively good week with few hiccups.

    Saturday night the went out again as a family.

    Sunday morning rolled around and Chaz Michael and Chuck were up at dawn checking on the bikes. People were already waiting at the gate, to Hire. Michael rousted Sheila out of bed to look after the book work, and the day began in ernest. Sturgis was packed and all roads led there. By 10 am all the bikes were again gone, and people again were turned away. Dad,said Chuck, Next year we're going to need more bikes.  I figure at least 20 to 25 bikes...Yeah, said Chaz, I have been thinking the same thing. I may even employ some more people to help run the show so we can get out and about as well. I wouldn't worry about that, said Michael..I've heard it's like a Le mans start out there Chaz, everyone all over the place, It's amasing we have haven't had any accidents with our bikes yet. I think we outa just stick to hiring and when its over then take some time and cruise with little or no traffic. Father and Son looked at Michael and nodded. 

    Michaels words were prophectic, by 2pm they had, had 2 accidents and 3 roadside breakdowns. Michael went to both collisions and retrieved the bikes, they were bad but not unrecoverable. Both riders had been transported to Rapid City Hospital...Chuck looked after the breakdowns, 2 were flats...and one broke the belt...Chuck checked around and the belt just gave out...not from anything the rider had done , as far as he could make out. The rider was brought back with the bike and given the spare..Chaz began pulling down the primary to fix the belt drive. With 3 bikes off the road it was going to be a long night....the men got stuck in and worked all through the night to have 3 bikes back up ready for Monday morning.

    Monday dawned overcast again...yet all the bikes were gone by 9am...this continued for the rest of the week. abd by the end of the rally, Chaz and family had bundled in excess of 20,000 clear profit...Chaz's dream worked. In a little over 3 weeks the family had made a little over 6 K each...the rental business was a huge success as far as they were concerned. Chaz and his family took the 3rd week off and explored the region to its fullest...One night sitting in the shed, Chaz was deep in thought and Maree came and sat next to him... Wrapping her arm around her father in law she asked "whats up Chaz? I was thinking about Thel .....Mar...She would have loved this...Yes she would have..Maree agreed. I've been thinking about next year well...Oh? she said, The men looked on...Sheila, looked over and the kids were all ears....Yeah said Chaz...I was thinking that maybe next year we might offer up and guided tour service, a rider...and a back up vehicle that could supply lunch...say maybe 4 or 5 times during the course of the event..for people unfamiliar with the area...I have also thought about taking some bikes down to Bike week in Daytona next April....see how we travel there. We may not make too much money but it would be an experience...Chaz 's family looked at one another, Maree held her father in law...and the family basked in the pride they felt for each other.  

    the end.