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Rentals xii

  • Chaz and Ernie sat in the shade all afternoon drinking beer and reliving the past. Come 6pm a rumble could be heard coming back down the street, Chaz turned his head toward the noise, when Ernie said ,relax its just my lift...To tell you the truth Chaz, I came here to see if i could hire a bike, so I could ride around with the club and do a few of the parties we have planned. But I can see that you have none left. Ceptin those 3 over there and I figure they'd be personal and not for hire. You got that part right Ernie they aren't for hire...An Angel pulled in and just sat on his bike looking bored..Ernie lifted up his hand and signalled 5...The Angel lit a smoke..and sat pondering. Well Chaz its been great to catch up...listen my bikes blown something...and i can't get it fixed for 5 days...or so when do you think a bike might be available, as we are here for 10 days. Tell ya what about I lend ya my scoot...for old time sake...Chaz I couldn't...Yeah you can, come on over, its an evo though...and its a dyna...Don't care Chaz so as she goes...Chaz retrieved the key from his pocket and tossed it at Ernie...He walked in climbed aboard and rolled it out...climbing off, he looked at Ernie saying she goes great Ern see you in 10 days or so...Don't I need to sign something? Get going Ern, fore I change my mind... watchin Ernie ride out followed buy the other angel, Chuck turned to Michael and said...There's the last we'll see of that bike....Michael just looked at him saying nothing.

    The sun went down around 9pm....the kids were exhausted and went to bed early...the oldies sat around the shed with the doors open front and back, trying to let what breeze there was seep through to cool the shed down...I think we'll have to scope out some fans tomorrow girls....said he took a sip from a mug he was drinking...Chuck do you think you can have that bike that was brought back finished by 9am? Sure dad he blew a rear tire, is all...and dented the rim...I got a tube and a spare rim...I can have the bike ready by 9 easy....Great.. Well is there anything else we need...or can you think of anything we overlooked...Dad, why did you give that Angel your bike for free? asked Chuck...Long story Chuck...back before you were born that man saved my life....I guess i owe him...and thats all I'm saying on it...think yourself lucky i didn't give him yours....Chuck frowned..Chaz burst out laughing...Sheila laughed and Michael stood up taking Sheila by the hand and wandered off to their side of the camp area. Night all said Michael, looking over his shoulder....Looks like thats it for tonight then everyone said he stood and walked back towards his pickup...Maree nudged in close to Chuck....and he put his arm around her and sat looking into th distance...


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  • Bitchy
    Bitchy Okay nothing to the son but do we get to know?
    December 18, 2012