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  • The search for a rental property didn't take as long as Chaz would have thought, he didn't see the need to be on the main street when Sturgis was up and running. No body in their right mind would want to be part of that scene. Talking with a real estate dude..he was informed that there were some fairly decent sites out on the Whitewood service road. So Michael and he drove out for a looksee. The agent was right, they quickly located a suitable premises. It hard a large shed with double doors. Inside there was a mezanine level and a toilet and shower are at the bottom with a little office attached...It had running water and the rent was just right. Chaz secured the block with a holding desposit. Turning to Michael, now we just got to wait and see..

    With Sturgis only a few months away, it was time to get home and make the final preparations to load ity all up and head out to see how they would go for the first of what Chaz expected to be a booming business. They just had to go downtown and see the Council and get the permits...this took longer than Chaz had anticpated but at the end of the day..he'd even managed to meet the Mayor and the Police chief... Thinks were falling into place...Chaz and Michael left the next day for home.

    Arriving back at home late on the Thursday evening...Maree was there in the kitchen cooking they had rang and she told them she wait till they arrived so they could eat together, she had bathed and fed the children who werenow sitting infront of the telelvision..arguing as kids often do. Chaz honked the horn as he pulled up and the kids turned into mini tornadoes..much to the chargrin of Maree..With kids screaming and Maree trying to calm them as Michael walked in the front door...Chaz stood on his porch basking in the glow of close family. He thought of Thel..and and told her that his plans were coming together nicely...hearing a noise he looked up and a little bird was perched above him in the rafters of the porch....looking down at him intently...Chaz looked up at the bird, saying aloud...Thel I don't know if thats you but you seem to appear just when i need you....Everything is fine.....He turned and walked into the kaos that had become his home.

    The weeks went by and everything was checked and re checked...School was out for the summer...the kids got into to everything and were underfoot all the time..But Chaz loved the kaos...He had taken to his little granddaughter in a big way...and she followed him relentlessly...She was the kind that once you'd broken the seal and attained her favour there was nothing she wouldn't try...and Chaz had found out the hard way...He walked in and she was covered head to toe in grease...Chaz was beside himself...she had grease from one side of a bike to other....I'm helping Grandpa! she told him...Chaz just stood by and chuckled...Michael came in behind Chaz and looked around his father in law...turning on his heal he called for Maree...she walked over from the house and into the shed...the 3 adults just stood there laughing at the little girl covered in she applied grease to every moving part on the old motorcycle....and herself in the process. 

    Sturgis was about to start it was 2 weeks away. Chaz was loading up his pickup with 2 bikes in the back and 3 on the trailer...Michael had loaded his and Chuck had done the same...The families would go out to Sturgis for the event, including the children, after all it was a family affair...the kids could play in the yard of workshop..and the older kids could wash and polish the returned rentals...ready for re hire...They had bought tents to sleep in with cots, and camp oiut under the stars. The family arrived in Sturgis 2 days later, and Chaz went and picked up the keys and met everyone at the gates...unlocking the gate and swinging it open...Michael fished out a sign..from the back of his pickup and went and hung the sign on the cyclone mesh fence next to the gate...In the Wind Harley Rentals... day or weekly hire rates apply within.

    They were up and running.  


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