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Rentals ix

  • Of the 17 bikes that were positioned in Chaz's shed, 14 were ridable. 3 were basket cases. Of those two Chaz told Chuck one was his. Chuck looked at his father...with a blank look. Chaz interpreted his look. You'll have to fix it up yourself son. You have a had great grounding since you were this high. Chaz held out his hand about 3 feet off the ground. One of the others will be mine. Whats say we work on them together. Sounds like a plan Dad, said Chuck smiling at his father. What about Michael, does he get the other...No he doesn't . said Chaz. Michael has his shovel...We we need 15 bikes to make this work son...We are now in the Harley rental business. Next season at Sturgis we will be there renting our bikes. 3 pickups 3 trailers and 5 bikes each...Now all we have to do is strip those 15 down and make sure nothing is going to break on them...down time will be our undoing.

    Over the next few months, Chaz and Michael did the lions share of the strip downs..Chuck came over on his days off and after work..By then of April they had all 15 bikes ready...the two bikes that Chaz and Chuck chose for themselves had been torn down and rebuilt..and were tagged ready to go...Sturgis was fast approaching...One Sunday Chaz brought up the subject of heading over to Sturgis to pick a site for the rental business. He and Michael would be heading over together to look at suitable sites, they would be gone about a week. First thing Monday they left...arriving around 5pm in the afternoon. Being spring the weather had changed dramtically from the usually harsh winter. So they camped out at Glencoe. They set up camp and were pleasantly surprised that others were also camped nearby. That night they met some of the campers...and also got some bookings for the coming Bikeweek.

    The next day they went in search of suitable rental properties to set up their business. and make arrangements to see the mayor and apply for a permit to rent cycles. 


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    Bitchy Well shit been so busy I have not got time to check in lately... Looks like I got some back tracking to do to get caught up...write on.
    December 6, 2012
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