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Rentals viii

  • Sheila Michael and the kids moved in a fortnight later. Chaz moved into the basement, which other than the laundry and heater room was pretty much the same layout as the floor above, although Chaz had made up rooms for his children for privacy reasons years ago. Having the children around was as much a distraction for Chaz as it kept him from the hours of thinking about Thel. Chaz had given notice to his Boss at the Honda shop in Sioux Falls. He was due to finish at the end of the month. The boss didn't see it coming and tried in vain to get Chaz to stay on. Chaz told the boss he didn't require severence pay..and Maybe they close early on Chaz 's last day as he had a surprise planned for his boss. The Boss was happy about that part..No severence pay. 

    At night Mike and Chaz sat at the computor and poured through the bike sales pages. Trying to get an idea on what kinds of models that would be best suited to the venture. Chaz already knew what he wanted, But he thought that involving Michael in the process would make him feel he was contributing. It was during this time that Michael and Chaz had their first difference of opinion. Michael felt that the newer machines offered better all around value and would be less likely to break down. So he began looking at 88 cui and 96 cui. Chaz though held fast for 80 cui...Evo's only. The arguments heated up. Sheila had to stand between the two on more than one occasion as opinions divided. In the end Chaz won...Michael had to accept this even if he didn't like it. As Chaz had told him,. Micheal..We aren't going for performance here, we will be offering a cheap service..the main idea is to create the illusion of riding a big twin, through the Black Hills at an affordable rate. Besides that HD created the perfect Engine for the task...80 cui...They never fully extended the Engine factory wise before they brought out the 88 in 1999. You recall back in 84..when they came up with the idea...said Chaz...Everybody and his dog jumped on em. I have another idea and Chaz brought up wrecking...thats where we'll get our spare parts....Michael knew in an instant Chaz had been doing his homework...and he bowed to the mans experience...Sheila offered coffee, and the two men sat back...

    Micheal said Chaz..That basket case Shovel, what about it Chaz? replied Mike...I want you to start repairing quick as you can, before the roads turn to crap around here..I want you out on it...with this....Chaz stood up from the table and walked into the hallway..from behind a coat stand..he retrieved a sign... in fact it was 2 signs joined at the top by was shaped roughly like saddle bags, and Michael could see signwriting. Chaz brought it over to the table...and placed the sign on it for Michael to view.  In the wind displayed on both sides. I've had a lady friend write a web page for this Michael. It shows what we are about and what we will be proposing for next season...Now i need advertising...and the best way is to ride around displaying this. You wanna take Sheila on weekends..Go for beers. Just park the bike with the advertisement...and be ready with answers should anyone ask. Michael was impressed. Chaz had been doing his homework again....Michael just looked at Chaz...and smiled. Within a week Michaels basket case Shovel was back on the road, and Michael had been wizzing around town and down Beresford way parking in Truck stops...and even got up as far as Sioux Falls. People had come up to him and asked what the signage meant...Michael told anyone who'd listen long enough about the new HD rentals program for Sturgis next season. The bookings began to come in on the web page. 

    The end of the month came and went...Chaz had organised a replacement mechanic for his boss. He was delighted, If Chaz recommended the man then he knew he had someone good. The farewell party was sombre but everyone who went had fun...Chuck showed up..and he and his father talked about Chucks involvement in his new enterprise. Chaz told Chuck to come around Sunday for he could bring Chuck up to speed on the deal.  

    Chuck arrived on Sunday around 11am, he saw as he pulled into the driveway 3 brand new pickups...Must be some visitors he said to Maree, As he pulled up the rear doors exploded open and Chuck and Maree's kids bolted to their cousins who were playing out the back of the house.. Chaz Michael and Sheila were sitting on the porch..drinking ice tea...Hey dad said Chuck as he walked up...Hi ,Sis Mike...Chuck Maree...Ice tea said Sheila? Sit Sit said Chaz...soon the 5 of em were sitting in the mid morning sun drinking Ice tea and chatting away...when Chuck piped dad, who else is here...Nobody.. Chuck, said Chaz, its just us... oh.. then who owns those pickups...said Chuck, indicating the pickups parked in the drive...with his hand...Well! said Chaz, you own one...Michael owns one and i own one...Chuck looked at his father...What I don't understand. he said...uncomprehending....well directors are entitled to new vehicle at In the Wind Canton...In the wind Canton? what s that? said Chuck... Well we better show you i suppose...come on...You too Maree....Chaz and Michael stood...Chaz reached into his pocket and withdrew a set of keys out or his better hold onto these Chuck..said Chaz throwing a set of Ford pickup keys to him...Chuck caught em and looked at the keys...and looked at his father who was retreating to his garage across the yard...Chuck looked at Michael....whats going on here? You best follow your old man bud....was all Michael said...pointing at Chaz's retreating back...Sheila winked at Maree, and they followed after Chaz...Chuck looked at the keys then his fathers back rolled his eyes and followed after... 

    Chaz opened up the garage door....and stood back....Maree was motioned by Sheila to look inside....Chuck came up to Michael and looked him in the eye, what is going on here...Michael just pointed....Chuck walked into the shed...He just stopped and his eyes went wide...who owns all these? he said...We do Chuck, we do...said his father beaming... 17 harley davidsons sat in rows in Chaz's shed.


  • Jonesy1340
    Jonesy1340 i wonder sometimes is it all worthwhile...then i look at some of the crap that getting published and i can honestly stuff is great compared to it.
    November 27, 2012
  • Jonesy1340
    Jonesy1340 nah too lazy...I still don't write american enough..
    November 29, 2012
  • Bitchy
    Bitchy 17 harleys woohoo my kind of garage... Now back to work for me but looking forward to getting caught up next time I have a minute to set and read.... Keep it coming Jonesy!!!
    December 14, 2012
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    WGDave if I could afford just 7,lol,I'd be good! hehhee a good read...
    January 28, 2013