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Rentals vii

  • six months had passed since Chaz had buried his beloved Thel, once a month on a Friday he'd travel home via the cemetary and visit with Thel. He'd put fresh cut flowers on her grave and spend a few hours talking to her. Chaz wasn't religious at all, but he only ever had Thel to talk too. About the personal stuff. He didn't touch the money they had won..he just went back to work after a week, and got on with his life as best he could. Times were getting tougher and lay offs were the normal..Each week Chaz would hear of someone he knew who had been laid off. The economy was getting worse. The military, as usual were fighting everybody elses wars..and money was getting tight. Michael was the first in Chaz's family to get laid off. Sheil had a part time job waitressing down at the Highway gas n go..but with rent payments on their house the money wasn't going to stretch too far. Chaz came up with a plan...Chuck and Maree owned their own house, as did Chaz and Thel..Chaz didn't need half the room he had, so one Friday afternoon after his talk with Thel..he rang Sheila...Why don't you and Michael come over after dinner, I have something I wanna discuss with you...bring the kids too. Ok Dad see you around 8pm...While discussing what he had in mind with Thel...a little jayhopper  landed on the grave stone next too him...Chaz took it as a sign that Thel agreed. Of course Chaz would never in a million years ever admit it..But the thought of it felt good. 

    Sheila Michael and there 3 kids showed up at 8pm.. Hey Pop...said Seth...and walked in and punched his grandfather in the belly...Chad Junior and Little becky followed in after there older brother. Becky gave Chaz one of her rare smiles... which always melted the older biker. Sheila kissed her father hello while Michael shook his hand...saying O'k Chaz whats on your mind? Coffee anyone? said Sheila..already in the kitchen. Chaz extended his arm to the living room...and he and Michael sat. They waited until Sheila made coffee and settled the children infront of the TV.

    Chaz then outlaid his plan to his daughter, for her and Michael and the kids to move in with him. He explained his decision and wouldn't let Michael raise any objections until he finished. He knew from the outset Michael wouldn't like any of it...But he ploughed on regardless. When he finished he grabbed his cup and gave the floor to Michael...Michael started with how much he loved Chaz for his offer but couldn't see himself living off Chaz's charity... he was his own man and wouldn't have anyone say otherwise. Chaz knew he was a man and already  knew Michael would object. But Chaz had thought it right through before hand. He had a bigger plan...When Michael had finished Chaz looked at Sheila...She looked into her cup....anyone for more coffee? Both men looked at her, Chaz knew Sheila liked the idea...Michael knew she did too..But Sheila bowed to Michael in decisions reguarding his family. When no response came from Sheila. Chaz said to Michael...I have a bigger plan Michael...this is a temporary arrangement...I want you to come work for me...What....said Michael...I don't know the first thing about Hondas...Hondas roared Chaz you've got to be shitting me. Michael i know you've got an old shovelhead in your've been thinking of re inventing for years..There are 4 evo's sitting in my shed....all in states of disrepair....I want you to fix em all up...I intend to by at least 12 more evos...and then start a rental business for Sturgis....Those clowns out there rip everyone off with their high prices. My thought is to trailer a bunch of bikes out there every season and rent em out cheap. It will mean staying out there for about 4 to 5 weeks but i can't see too many problems. except maybe the people we are going to come directly up against in the harley rentals. Look Michael, I know this is alot to take on board right now...have a think and let me know...I 'm not looking at doing anything until next year...thats nearly 12 months off...we missed this season. But there is no reason we can't all get in on the fun...and make this big. I've been thinking of getting back into custom work you'll be a god send around here. All the work can be carried out right here. Michael just looked at Sheila, who smiled brightley. Chaz I will give this some serious thought and let you know soon ok...They stood and shook hands. Alright kids weré leaving...Awww dad...came the reply , can't we stay with Pop? Nope car now.....After the goodbyes Chaz sat in the kitchen he poured himself another brew...and sat down...Thel he thought...I hope I'm doing the right thing.....A jayhopper tapped on the window...Chaz heard the noise and looked up....seeing the bird at the window...he just said Nahhhh, and drained his cup.  


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