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  • Chaz spent the rest of the day at the Hospital being interviewed by the Police. At days end he asked if he could be taken to a Super 8 Motel in the area. The Police obligingly drove him over. They let Chaz know that at soon as the coroner was satisfied, he could would release Thel's body, and Chaz could make the necessary arrangements to get his wife back for her buriel. Chaz paid for a room and crashed out on the bed..around 9pm He woke and lifted the phone from the hook and dialled a number. Hello....Chuck this is your father..Hey Dad, where are you? I called round home today and no one was home...Son....I've ...Chaz didn't know how to tell his son...Dad whats wrong? Son this is the hardest thing I've ever had to say...What Dad...came the reply...Son I'm in Pierre...It's your mom....Chuck she's died. What dad...? Chuck...your mom hard a heart attack and she's passed away...Chaz was greeted with silence....Hello Chaz?...Maree...yes Chaz...Thel died today...over in Pierre...Oh no Chaz...Is Chuck o'k...I'm sorry about phoning but I'm too far to come over and tell you...I'm stuck here in Pierre till they release Thel's could be a week or so..Can you tell Sheil...I'd call her but i think it would be better coming from you...instead of me over the phone...Sure Chaz I 'll go over now...Where are you staying...Pierre super 8 the number here is 604-321-5858. If you can't reach me leave a message...I'll ring in the morning Maree..Make sure Chuck is o'k nite....Chaz hung up the phone. He laid awake for hours staring at the ceiling....damn that lottery ticket.....he fell asleep...damning his luck.

    The phone in the room rang at 8am...Chaz rolled over still in the clothes he had on from the day before. Dad its me Sheila....are you alright? Yes love I'm fine...I suppose Maree has contacted you then...Yes Dad, what happened...Your mother hard a heart attack darling...and i don't know why...Dad you stay right where you are. Chuck left last night, with Michael...What for? Dad your not going through this alone you need family around you. Chuck is your son and Michael your son in law...They're coming to assist you in the arrangements ok...Ok Sheil...I'll hang here till they arrive. O'k dad talk to you soon. Chaz got off the bed and showered and changed. At 9.30am there was a knock on his door...Chaz opened the door and there stood Chuck and Michael...Chaz held out his arms and Chuck moved forward and embraced his father...Chuck I'm lost without her...It'll be fine dad...Michael closed the door and stood aside while the two men hugged..Chaz released Chuck and looked at Michael, he held out his hand, Michael gripped Chaz's hand and brought him toward him bear hugging the older man...thanks words were needed. 

    Chaz sat on the bed with his head in his hands talking to Chuck and Michael...He told Chuck all about the lottery win...what he and Thel had done he even told Chuck about the elevator music...and their laughing together, when he got to the part about how much they had won..and the result of that...he cursed his luck again...Chuck she had grand plans...for the family..I didn't know how much so i didn't say, i didn't want to raise hopes. It's fine's not your fault...You couldn't have forseen this...Sheila knows something about mom...but mom swore her to secrecy...Dad she told me to tell you that its not your fault..and she knows why...She wants to tell you herself. Chaz's head came up and he could see the anguish in his son's eyes...We'll get through this together just like we always have a family. 

    The next few days were a blurr of activity...a funeral director was hired to arrange for Thel's body to be taken to Canton once the Coroner at Pierre released it her. Chaz and taken the men to view her body at the morgue. Chuck commented she looked so peaceful..considering where she was...By Tuesday arfternoon the body was released and the 3 men struck out for Canton...Michael drove by himself while Chuck drove his father...They reached home around 1am in the morning...a light was on in the house, when Chuck pulled up. Two women walked out onto the Chaz climbed out of the cab Sheila and then Maree ran to embrace him...they walked inside together and sat in the living room. The family talked all through the rest of the night. Chaz had learned that Thel did have a prior heart condition, she was on medication...for it..but Thel being Thel almost always forgot to take it...and she had left the medication in her night stand, instead of taking it with her, to Pierre. Dad it could have saved her life.....said Sheila....Dad, I'm so sorry i should have told you but mom made me's ok darlin not your fault...

    Thel was buried in a full ceremony at the Baptist church in Canton the following Friday, and buried in the cemetary adjorning the church, near where her mother and father we buried years before. At least she's in lying with her kin...was all Chaz could muster....Thel was 53 years old.




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