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  • At 10am on the dot Chaz and Thel walked into the main foyer of the capitol building In Pierre SD. Chaz saw a woman sitting at a large desk consol in the middle of the room. He walked up and asked where the state lotteries office was located. The woman looked at Chaz and then at Thel. State Lottery is on 3 you can take that elevator right there. You go to the right and you'll see the sign . Thank you said Chaz. Chaz and Thel walked over to the elevator..Chaz pressed the button and the door opened...they walked inside and music was playing...the door closed and Chaz burst out laughing...Thel looked at him...what? she enquired...Chaz turned to his wife and said..This music reminds of the blues brothers movie. Thel listened the remembered and burst out laughing...The laughter coming from the closed door of the elevator caused the woman behind the desk and a guard standing nearby to turn their heads and look at the closed door. Chaz reached over and pressed no 3. The elevator began to climb...Chaz I'm all nerves now....said Thel..Me too said Chaz..I feel like there are eagles flying around in my belly. The elevator stopped at No 3 floor. A bell sounded and the door opened. Chaz and Thel walked out and turned to the right. A State Lottery sign with an arrow below it pointed the way. Chaz and Thel folowed the corridor until they came to a glass panelled door. State Lottery Office was embossed in gold lettering on the doors. Chaz pushed on the door and stepped into a room full of buzzing.  Phones were ringing people were darting to and fro...Another girl looked up from the counter expectantly...Chaz and Thel walked over...Can I help you sir? said the office girl. I want to check this ticket said Chaz...pulling out the state lottery ticket. The girl put out her hand and Chaz balked at handing it over...Sir i can assure you...Your ticket is in good hands besides we are under direct scrutiny of secuirty...she pointed to cctv cameras above and behind them... Chaz released his grip on the ticket...Thel said I'm going to be sick Chaz..i need to sit down...Chaz looked around and pointed to a seat on the wall near the door..He turned back to the girl as she scanned his ticket in the machine to her right. 

    The girls eyes widened....and alarm sounded. People stopped immediately and looked at the counter.  The girl smiled...Sir let me be the first to congatulate you..she held out her hand...and Chaz took it and they shook. The names Cooper...Chaz Cooper...Well Mr Cooper like i said have just won the states lottery. There are no other claims you are 2.7 million dollars richer from this moment. Everyone in the facinity began clapping. Chaz turned around to look at Thel and saw she had collapsed on the bench and was sliding onto the floor. THEL..he screamed!  

    Events from that point took on a grey appeared to Chaz like it was surreal, and was happening to somebody else. He was an outsider looking on..only it was real and he was directly involved. Paramedics arrived and began working on Thel...Chaz just stood rivetted on the spot. Looking on....a guerney appeared from nowhere and Chaz watched in horror as Thel was removed from his sight. A man came over to Chaz and took him by the arm...he guided Chaz into an office, and made him sit down...Mr Cooper..the man said...Chaz remembered vaguely looking his way. I won't keep you..but we have to sort this out..I need some  identification from you...Chaz recalled later he pulled out his wallet...Chaz remembered at home to bring a copy of his bank details...the man was elated. He took copies of Chaz's drivers licence, and the bank details..He mentioned something about a wire transfer and the funds would be retreivable as soon as the transfer took effect. He then grabbed his phone on his desk....He dialled a number...I  need a car right now..and a driver..I need to get someone to the Hospital. Chaz didn't recall any events until some time a few days later. They were sketchy then. 

    Thel died at 12.30pm in the emergency room at Pierre Hospital....from cardiac arrest.



  • Jonesy1340
    Jonesy1340 nah this one gunna drag out....I got big plans...
    November 23, 2012
  • Bitchy
    Bitchy So the moral is money kills what we love???
    December 14, 2012