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Rentals iv

  • Thursday afternoon finally came, coming home from work Chaz pulled into the driveway and Thel was packed ready and waiting. As he rolled to a stop Thel picked up her bags and put them in the back of the pickup. She then reached down and placed Chaz's bag in the back next to hers. She opened the door and jumped in as Chaz hopped out his side. Thel I'm having a shower and getting changed first...why don't you make some coffee and sandwichs...for the trip up to Mitchell. Mitchell ! screeched Thel, why not Chamberlain..Thel.....warned Chaz....Ok Ok said Thel. Chaz walked inside.. bloody women.....%&#@ under his breath and he climbed outa his boots and shed his clothes as he entered the bathroom.

    30 minutes later with a smiling Thel..Chaz pulled out of the driveway and they headed towards Mitchell. Traffic was it's usual for Thursday night as they headed up 29 towards Sioux Falls Chaz changed lanes and headed up the ramp to take 90 west...the traffic was just as thick here...Turning to look at Thel briefly Chaz said, Now you know why I'm headed for Mitchell tonight...How about a sandwich and a drink of coffee. Thel removed a sandwich from her basket and poured Chaz a cup out of the thermos..Chaz ate and drank in between slowing and speeding up as the traffic dictated...Up ahead Chaz saw the reason for the traffic dance..Red beacons flashed on the side of the accident. A truck and a car had come didn't look good. Once past the traffic thinned again and Chaz accelerated into the setting sun....They reached Mitchell and found a Super 8 just off 90. This will do us Thel....Thel managed a smile, O'k Chaz...Yes you are right this will do us's been awhile hasn't it ....Thel was different all of a sudden...Chaz wondered what she had install for him...Chaz paid for a room..and they went along the rooms till they found it...slipping the card into the slide lock, Chaz pushed to door open, He waited and allowed Thel to walk in whilst he held the door open...Thank you Chaz...said Thel as she smiled at him as she past into the room. That night Chaz and Thel coupled in a way Chaz had almost forgotten about.

    Next morning Chaz was up and out, Thel slumbered so he made coffee in the room then walked out and down to the buffet area...He made toast and brought it back to Thel...Thel had woken but was still sitting under the covers...propped up with the pillows behind her...She smiled again as she saw Chaz enter with toast on a plate..He handed over the plate and reached over and gave her her coffee in bed...Chaz couldn't remember the last time he'd done this for Thel...In fact Thel could, but she chose not to bring it up...She just smiled and thanked him...

    They were back on the road by 8.30am...heading for Chanberlain and the onto Pierre, the state capital and the Lottery office . Which Chaz hoped would be somewhere near the state office..if not inside. He made a mental note to stop and ask a State Trooper if he saw one....Coming out of Chamberlain and across the missouri river Chaz did find a state Trooper...He pulled up behind him and got out. He stood near the front of his vehicle..The state Trooper was just sitting in his vehicle, he looked in his mirror then his side mirror..Chaz  just stood there looking at him...The Trooper placed his smoky bear hat on his head and got out...Can I help you Sir...He said from a distance...Sir, I'm Chaz Cooper from Canton...I need some directions.  Certainly Mr Cooper., where would you like directions too...Ummm the State Lottery office...The officers eyes widened...Say you're not the fellow with the lottery tickey by chance? I might be...Thats why I'm headed there...The officer stepped right up to Chaz and held out his hand ...Chaz looked at the offered hand and then back up at the officer...then back down at the hand...He extended his hand and the officer shook his hand vigorously...pleased to meet you Mr Cooper, said the officer who name plate read Maielaro....The state lottery office is situated in the capital building on 6th and Park...on the 3rd floor...good luck to you sir...

    Chaz walked back to his drivers side and hopped in...Thel looked at Chaz...what was that all about? I don't know...said Chaz starting the engine...I've never been spoken to like that before from a state kinda shocked me..they are usually all gruff and business like.  He seemed happy for me...when I asked him where the lottery office was..and he guessed it might be me who has won...Chaz drove off remembering to signal as he pulled out...the officer tooted his car horn and actually waved to Thel as they passed...Thel kinda threw up her hand in response...but she just stared at the officer as the pickup moved off.  3 hours later Chaz pulled into the parking area at the state capital in Pierre South Dakota.