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Rentals iii


    Chaz and Thel sat down to an ordinary dinner at Chaz's insistance. Thel was buzzing, Chaz looked over at her and said, Thel you have to calm down hun, we don't even know if the ticket is legitamate yet. We'll have to go over to Pierre. Present the ticket and see whats what. I'll let the boss know, that I need Friday off and we can go over to Pierre together. CHAZ, said Thel at the top of her voice, today is Tuesday that's four days away...You can just tell the boss to piss off. You don't need him anymore. Chaz took a deep breath. Thel I won't be doing that at all. If something isn't right, there is no way I'm going to chuck in my job because of a piece of paper., No I've made up my mind...We'll go over to Pierre on Friday and check out whats what..o'k...after all I bought the thing...O'k Thel..But can I at least tell the kids?wailed Thel. No...said Chaz firmly...and don't tell anyone else till we are sure either. Especially not that no good Sister and brother in law of yours. Chaz...thats not fair...yes it is No one Thel, promise! If you say so Chaz. I promise....and he promptly dropped the subject and continued with his dinner...Thel sat there hardly touching her food...looking up at the ceiling...dreaming of wealth...Chaz shook his head and thought about his steak.

    Next day at work, Chaz cornered the boss in his office...Boss I need Friday off...What! why....Its a personal matter boss I have to take Thel over to Pierre...The boss looked Chaz in the eye...Chaz lowered his head and stared at the floor....The boss thinking something was wrong with Thel...said Sure Sure Chaz you take what time you need ol bud...If there is anything I can do just call me o'k...Nah we'll be fine boss and thanks...I'll clean up my stuff and have it ready Thursday night before i leave...What ever sure you don't wanna go tomorrow? No boss I wouldn't want to leave you in the lurch... replied Chaz...Friday will be fine...O'k Chaz Friday then....Chaz walked back to his bench in the workshop...that was easier than i thought it would be....The boss stood at his window over looking the workshop...thinking, Gee i hope ol Thel is alright...Yeah must be a checkup or something..if it was bad Chaz would have said....

    That afternoon Chaz, arrived home, Thel met him at the driver's door...Well ! she said....Well what? said Chaz. What did the boss say Chaz....? You know exactly what i mean....He said Fine, Thel. We'll leave , Thursday night and go half way....great Chaz....oh you have no idea....and ran into the house...Chaz sat in the cab...I think i do Thel...But you're not going to be happy about it!



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    Bitchy Okay lunch break over be back soon to finish...
    Oh I think if it was me my tax accouant and lawyer would already be called...
    December 6, 2012