Big Bear Choppers' Owners Could Face Criminal Charges

  • Well if things weren’t bad enough for Big Bear Choppers' owners - Keven & Mona Alsop - they may be getting even worse.  The company who apparently shut their doors back in November 2011and is filling for bankruptcy, may now also be facing criminal charges including fraud.

    According to a recent report from the local newspaper, The Big Bear Grizzly...

    Detective Lonnie Siebert of the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station says the department is consulting with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office regarding the case. Criminal charges against the Alsops may be possible, Siebert says.

    Chris Lee of the District Attorney’s office says the special prosecutors are aware of the situation involving Big Bear Choppers, but his office is not investigating at this time. The District Attorney’s office has been contacted by several of the potential victims, Lee said. The case remains with the Sheriff’s Department, but could be investigated by his office at some point, Lee says.

    Lee encourages any possible victims to file a report with the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station as a first step. He says he understands the frustration potential victims are feeling, but the report is the first step.

    Potential victums include people from throughout the US and around the world including depolyed US military personel expecting to come home and ride their new Big Bear Chopper.

    Anyone who paid money for a Big Bear Chopper either directly to the BBC factory in Big Bear or through a dealer is encouraged to file a report with the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station.

    Past Article in Big Bear Choppers Closing



  • GoFur
    GoFur From what I see it sounds like they got a little too big and just got overwhelmed. I'm sure they didn't mean to screw anyone, but sometimes people do things they wouldn't normally do when in a tough situation.
    January 3, 2012
  • Lucky
    Lucky I agree with you there GoFur. I have known Kevin and Mona since they were building a few bikes a year in a small little building up there in Big Bear. Kevin is an outstanding builder and got thrown into fame when he won the Biker Build-Off years back. ...  more
    January 3, 2012