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Bikers Swarm SUV Beat Driver

  • Have you seen this video yet? 

    My understanding is this is what happened....

    Sport Bikers driving eratically, one stops abrubtly in front of SUV and the SUV hits him.

    SUV (with wife and child inside) stops - but riders start harrasing him so he takes off.

    The riders chase, swarm, slash his tires so he is forced to stop.

    A cple of the riders try to pull him out of the SUV including hitting windows with helmets etc.

    SUV takes off, running over one motorcyclist and hitting a cple of others.

    SUV stops, riders pull out driver and beat him up.

    If you have not seen the video - check it out here


    What are your thoughts on this?



  • AzRider
    AzRider Seems like these type of gangs (and yes I will call them a gang) are popping up all over with the goal of causing havoc by closing streets, riding dangerously and just acting like asses and then when people get pissed they terrorize and intimidate them....  more
    October 3, 2013
  • RevBigJohn
    RevBigJohn Being in the Biker Rights Arena for some time now, I believe this kind of worldly viewed crap could put us back years.
    My personal opinion: These clowns couldn't be a pimple on a real biker's ass.
    October 4, 2013
  • CarLow
    CarLow Yeah, I wish everyone would stop calling them "bikers" and just call them what they are...

    "punks on motorcycles"    
    October 4, 2013
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz I hope the cagers that watch the video,realize not all motorcyclists are this crazy,tho the people on bicycles can get off the hook for behaving badly,usually motorcyclists do not.I feel bad for all involved.It was in my opinion complete lunacy on all...  more
    October 6, 2013