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Need Suggestion for Motorcycle Legends

  •  I am going to work on a series of articles about legends that have promoted/ added to the motorcycle lifestyle and looking for suggestions on who to cover - like Harley and Davidson, James Dean, the movie Easy Rider, Jackpine Gypsies (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally), Ed Kretz, etc.  It's for our motorcycle blog  -.



  • RussBrown
    RussBrown Great suggestions - I have added them to the list.
    October 3, 2011
  • vnvetusmc0351
    vnvetusmc0351 vincent 1953 black lightning
    October 9, 2011
  • RussBrown
    RussBrown I have Burt Monroe on the list - great suggestion!
    October 10, 2011
  • GoFur
    GoFur Hey waht happened to the blogs you were going to post????
    December 1, 2011