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About CycleFish Biker and Motorcycle Network

  • CycleFish is the ultimate resource and network for bikers, motorcyclists, and motorcycle enthusiasts.  While our site is based around a social network for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, it is much more than that!  CycleFish is also a valuable resource to anyone with an interest in motorcycles or the biker lifestyle.

    CycleFish started in 2004 as a resource for bikers primarily focused on motorcycle events, and biker rally listings and pictures.  CycleFish quickly became one of the most popular motorcycle event calendars on the internet, with over 2,500 motorcycle events listed each year and 1,000s of pictures from motorcycle events and rallies from around the country.

    As social networks and interactive website started becoming popular, we decided to take CycleFish in this direction.  After looking at the few biker and motorcycle social networks that were popping up, we wanted to make CycleFish different, and of course better.  The first thing we noticed about most of the other social networks for bikers is that they required every visitor to sign up and be logged in to use any of the site resources, including their motorcycle event calendar.  Although this method would have benefitted us with a large number of registeres users, we realized that the majority of those users would be just signing up to view the content, and not be an active part of our community.  So we decided to blend the popular CycleFish resource content with a social network, allowing anyone to view our resources like the motorcycle event calendar, public forum posts, public rally photos, blogs, and just about everything else.  Users on CycleFish only sign up if they want to add content and participate in our community of bikers and motorcycle entusiasts.  We will also monitor our content to a higher standard than any of the other websites out there making CycleFish a place everyone can feel comfortable.

    What you see here on CycleFish today is only the beginning of many more great things to come.  We will be constantly adding new features to our community making it the ultimate meeting place for bikers and motorcyclists, as well as the most complete resource for information for the motorcycle community.

    And to answer the question I always get asked..."Where did the name CycleFish com from?".  Well the name actually came from my lack of artistic ability.  I had the idea for the site and wanted to come up with a unique name that people would remember, even if the name didn't make sense.  In the meantime I was working on a logo for the site.  I wanted the logo to be a hand-drawn (kind of characture) motorcycle reflecting the image of an old school chopper I once had with very distinctive upswept fishtail pipes.  While fooling around with the image, someone said to me "that looks more like a fish, than a motorcycle"...hence the name CycleFish was born.


    The CycleFish Team

    Lucky - CycleFish Founder & Owner

    HDBeech - CycleFish Co-Owner

    AdventureGirl - CycleFish Site Moderator

    DebraJo62 - CycleFish Site Moderator

    HighRisk - CycleFish Site Moderator

    RevBigJohn - CycleFish Site Moderator

    RexTheRoadDog - CycleFish Site Moderator


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  • DebraJo
    DebraJo Let me just say that I do appreciate all the hard work that you put into this site. I have never actually been apart of a social site, any more than logging in once a month or so. This site is more than the others I have "tryed out".

    I think one of the...  more
    July 28, 2009