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CycleFish Rules For Site Content

  • Please review these rules prior to posting any public content on the website.  These rules apply to ALL areas of the website including, but not limited to, your personal profile, photo albums, comments on any profile (including your own) blogs, and the forum.

    There are two main reasons for maintaining an acceptable content standard here on CycleFish. 1) To ensure that no user feels uncomfortable, offended, or threatened by any content they may encounter on our website. 2) Most advertisers, current and planned, have terms of service restricting their ads or brand names to be displayed on a site which contains, in their opinion, unacceptable content.

    That being said, we also realize that each member of our site is required to be at least 18 years of age, and this is a site that depicts the biker lifestyle which we know can sometimes contain mature content.  So we will do our best to define a line that satisfies everyone involved. 


    Images - Includes pictures, photographs, and life-like drawings or computer generated images, posted anywhere on the site.

    • No Nudity - Male or Female
      • Any part of male or female genitalia
      • Female nipple(s) uncovered or clearly visible through clothing
    • No Sexually Explicit Material
      • Any person or person engaged in any sexual act
    • No Explicit Violence
    • No Hate or Discrimination - Toward any individual or group based on (but not limited to) race, religion, nationality, gender, life style or sexual preference
    • Basically, if it can't be shown on television, it can't be posted here!!!


    Text - Any text posted ANYWHERE on the site

    • Foul Language - Basically anything you can't say on television (refer to the famous George Carlin list)
    • Sexually Explicit Language - Explicitly describing any sex act or part of the human body
    • Hate or Discrimination - Toward any individual or group based on (but not limited to) race, religion, nationality, gender, life style or sexual preference
    • Harassment
      • Continually unwanted contact with another Member
      • Posting negative replies to another users content on the site
      • Acceptable Having a friendly debate or stating a contradictory opinion in a polite, non-offensive manor
    • Political or Religious Material
      • No post containing any political or religious content are permitted anywhere on the site.  These topics, in any venue, tend to become heated and divisional.  We want our site to be more about having fun.
    • Illegal Activity
      • Solicitation of illegal material including, but not limited to, drugs, weapons, sex or stolen property
      • Trying to obtain personal information about a user through deception
    • Solicitation of Products, Services or Other Websites 
      • No personal user is permitted to solicit, sell, or promote any merchandise, product, service, or website.
      • No posting of website links soley to redirect users to another website.
      • Note: Business Members and paid advertisers are permitted to solicit their products and services on their profile, and in their photo albums.  They may, when appropriate in a forum post, advice to another user describing their products or services.  Example: If a user in a post asked where to buy custom lighting, one of our Business Members or advertisers could reply with their business as a solution.  A Business Member or advertiser could not start a thread "Buy You Custom Lighting Here".
    • Competitive Website
      • No one - Personal Member, Business Member, or Advertiser - may promote via text or image or post a link to a competitive website.  This includes any website specifically for bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, or motorcycle owners, which hosts a social network, forum, blog, message board or any other type of user interactive content.
    • Excessive Useless Content
      • Any single user that constantly posts to forums, blogs, photo comments, etc, just for the purpose of posting with no relevance to the existing content or overall site.


    Private Messages - Any message sent via the CycleFish website to another user of the website

    • Content - All of the same rules above apply to messages send via the CycleFish messaging system.
    • Spam/Bulk Messages - No user will send bulk unsoliciated messages (spam) to the users of the CycleFish website.  This includes, but is not limited to, messages promoting events, businesses or products, or user profiles.  Any violation of this spam policy will result in immediate removal of your user account and any information you have posted on the website.


    Removal of Content: CycleFish admin will remove ANY content we feel is not approprite for our site.  Content may be removed WITHOUT prior notice.  If your content is removed and you repost the same content your account will be immediately terminated.  We will aslo terminate any user that require us to continually remove or edit their content or posts.  Termination of any member account may be done without prior notice.



    Note from Lucky - CycleFish Founder:

    We welcome all riders and motorcycle enthusiasts here at to join our community, share and make friends.  However - and I will be very straight forward here - I started this site after being a member of a number other "biker sites" and simply got tired of all the BS on many of those sites... i.e. rude and/or nasty people, spamming of the blogs and forums with BS, being hit on constantly, non-bikers bashing the biker community, political & religious rants, prejudice/bigotry, etc, etc.  So if that's what you’re looking for, you're probably be better off looking for another place to do that.  But if you’re looking for a friendly place to get away from all that BS and just hang out and have a good time... Welcome to the site!



    If you have any questions or comments regarding these policies, please message the CycleFish Administrator.


  • kentstman
    kentstman Sound like I found the right place. Hello From Portland Or. Always looking forward to the open road.
    April 12, 2016
  • elgordo
    elgordo Hay every one nice to meet yall , My name is ernie but every body knows me ass tiny or big E.
    i am disable, but i love to ride.
    April 12, 2016
  • free4now
    free4now yup,
    April 25, 2016
  • Hnharris3
    Hnharris3 Thought I visited every biker site out there. Never this one but am glad I did. Looks like an interesting site. I just turned 73 and have been riding since I was 15. When I get on one of my bikes (I have 4) I feel like 15 again with a bit more savvy....  more
    May 15, 2016