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What Will You Be Wearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

  • If you are one of the biker ladies heading to Sturgis this year, chances are you’ve got a little bit more planned than a just riding and partying with friends.

    For tens of thousands of lady bikers across the nation, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally provides an opportunity unlike any other event hosted throughout the year. Leaving their main stream societal expectations at home along with their inhibitions, they’ll pack their saddlebags with an arsenal of sexy rally apparel they plan to wear out in front of the public eye. For some of these ladies, they dare to wear things at the Sturgis Rally they wouldn’t think of wearing even in the privacy of their own home. But for one week, they get to transform themselves into that free spirited someone they dream about the other 51.

    What might be considered conservative by Sturgis standards, is a micro-miniskirt accompanied with fishnet stockings and a seductive pair of high thigh leather boots. Lady bikers adorned in sexy apparel such as this are not an uncommon site to see roaming through the various vendor booths up and down the streets of downtown Sturgis.

    Some rally going ladies fancy a more glamorous look. A provocative outfit consisting of lace panties coupled with stockings and a garter, finished off with a pair of stiletto heeled boots may not be the wardrobe of choice for every biker chick attending the Sturgis Rally but for those who enjoy the thrill of public exhibitionism, this look is just what the doctor ordered. They can’t forget the body paint on the boobs though, those nips need to be covered to the law man from hooking them up!

    Cropped vests are real popular at the Sturgis Rally and lady bikers with large breasts seem especially drawn to the open front type. This style allows them to show off a little extra skin. Many of the ladies who ride to the rally face a storage space dilemma and are often forced to leave their favorite sexy leather top at home. As an alternative to their vest left behind, many seek out the artistic skills of the local body painter to help them get their sexy on!



    Despite a woman’s love for her favorite denim skirt, there is no denying that amongst the Sturgis crowd, they are pretty vanilla. So for the ladies that remain loyal to their cherished denim but still want to stand out in the crowd, they have to go bold or go home. Going topless most defenatly scores high on the boldness scale and without a doubt would draw attention their way. Sticking on a pair of nipple pasties is a necessity with this bold look as bare nipples cannot be exposed in public at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.



    And of course, a slow putt right down the middle of downtown Sturgis has always been a favorite pastime for thousands of biker chicks who want to strut their stuff!

    So, what will you be wearing to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?