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Over A Decade of Redwood Runs


    For the third time in the past 12 years we will miss the Redwood Run.  So with no new memories we will be able to share, we thought we’d highlight our past trips.

    Our first thought of attending the Redwood Run came in the early months of 2004.  We had heard a great deal about this rally but due to the distance, were apprehensive to make the trip solo after none of our regular riding group showed any interest in attending.  When we became a bit more serious about attending the rally we decided to hit the social network and see if we could find someone in our local area that was planning on making the trip.  In our search we stumbled upon the website and found a post from a couple who were also looking for someone to make the trip with.  As it turns out, this post was made by the owners of the website who were also Redwood Run virgins.  We met up a few weeks later to get to know one another, hit it off instantly and have been the greatest of friends ever since.  We did make the 700 mile trek to the Redwood Run that year as well and have been doing so together ever since.

    The photo below is of the four of us taken during our very first encounter with “The Hill People”.  It was an incredible first Redwood Run which we made with what are now our life-long friends.   And before we were even done tearing down camp, we were already making plans for 2005.  We were hooked!



    After nearly a year if waiting in anticipation, we almost ended up missing the Redwood Rally in 2005.  A midnight hour medical issue Sweet Cindy had cast a doubt on if we would be able to make the long ride to Northern California.  But Sweet Cindy wasn’t going to let a little thing like surgery and stitches keep her from attending the Redwood Run, so away we went.  2005 was also the debut year of to the Redwood Run which meant we were also there to market, market market or in other words, Sweet Cindy spent the weekend wearing our sheer tops and PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties!


    In 2006 a larger group of us made the trip from Southern California to the Redwood Run, a trip which came with its own set of challenges and adventures, some of which we will share for many years to come.  While it did take a while, all of our group did eventually make it to the rally site, the last to arrive making a grand entrance rolling down the steep hillside road with no brakes.  Fortunately for him and his internet date riding the fender, quick thinking and some well placed brush stopped their forward progress.  If you were at the Redwood run in 06, you heard the story as it made its way around the rally site.

    2006 was a good year at the Redwood Run for as well, making not one but two appearances on the main stage.  Our motorcycle insurance agent’s lovely bride to be participated in the wet t-shirt contest wearing her wedding vail and one of our fishnet and leather tops.  She was without a doubt, a sight to behold.  And our camp site was well represented by Dori, who also participated in the wet t-shirt contest wearing a fence net top.  Again, if you were at the Redwoon Run in 06 you will remember both of these gals as the bride to be kept her vail on all weekend and Dori spent the better part of rally wearing sheer tops she purchased from our website.




    2007 was a memorable Redwood Run year for us as we brought along our dearest friends K & B.  They took to the Redwood Run like a fish takes to water and even participated in the weenie bite contest, B doing so topless of course.  B very much enjoyed the free spirited atmosphere of the rally and spent most of the weekend wearing some of her favorite sheer tops she found on the website.




    Sweet Cindy and I were unable to attend the Redwood Run in 2008 but joined back up with our regular crew again in 2009.  Through the promotion of the social network site, owners Lucky and Laura grew our campsite significantly, which over the course of the past decade has become a very tight group of close friends who make the Redwood Run their annual reunion.

    The first of the following two photos is of me and Sweet Cindy and of course she is wearing one of her favorite sheer tops we offer on the website.  The second photo is of Sweet Cindy and Laure (of CycleFish) horse playing as the two of them often do.




    It would be pretty hard to pick a favorite Redwood Run but if push came to shove I think I would have to say 2010 might be it, at least so far.  The good times started at the motel the night before the rally and continued the very next morning with our meeting of a great couple in the parking lot whom have become part of the regular Redwood Run crew.  As for the rally itself, it was hopping from start to finish.  You needed to travel no further than our camp to have a great time and “our corner” was off the hook all weekend as usual.  If you want to see for yourself, take a look at the photos posted in our 2010 Redwood Run Photo Gallery.  And yes, the pretty biker chick in this photo is wearing a sheer BikerCrap top and a pair of our PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties!




    For the first time in nearly 40 years, the Redwood Run almost didn’t happen in 2011.  But the outcry from the rally goers was heard and the organizers managed to pull it off despite many obstacles placed before them.  The rally was moved from the Riverview Ranch to a new location just a few miles away.  Smaller and more intimate, the new location offered a number of advantages but the one thing it lacked was the loop and with no loop comes no burn outs, no wheelies and no biker babe boobie flashing as they ride around.  Despite this, it was another kick ass Redwood Run.




    The 2012 Redwood Run found us back at the Riverview Ranch and back at our regular camping spot.  And not a moment too soon either as the group continued to grow and we needed the space.  The rally was another wild time but I have to say that one of the highlights, of my weekend anyway, was seeing these two lovely biker babes strutting up the hill decked out in our sexy BikerCrap apparel.  Of course I had to squeeze in between them for a photo op!




    Our son’s high school graduation conflicted with the 2013 Redwood Run so, by virtue of a coin toss, we stayed home to watch our kid receive his high school diploma.  Oh the sacrifices we make for our children.

    But we were back in the groove in 2014 which we knew would be a year to remember.  Big Dog Ray, a long time Redwood Run goer and a core member of the CycleFish camp, along with his fiancé, whom he first courted at the 2013 Redwood Run, had plans to share their wedding vows at the rally.  Sweet Cindy and I were included in the bike procession down the hill, where we then lined the bikes up in front of the stage and stood as witnesses.  Appropriately dressed in a white corset, panties, stockings and vial, Rays bride to be was lifted to the stage and they were wed before all those who came down to the pit to bear witness.  In the second photo below is Sweet Cindy with another close friend of ours who was attending his first Redwood Run.  We broke him in right and he assures us he will be returning.




    So that’s it, a short recap our participation in the Redwood Run since 2004.  We are sad that we will not be joining the crew this year but rest assured, we will be their there next year with bells on.

    If you would like to take a more intimate look at our attendance of the Redwood Run over the years, visit the Biker Photo Gallery.  There you will find our photos of the run, as well as photos submitted by others, for every year we attended.

    And if you have not already stumbled upon the website, I encourage you do so.  Lucky has built what is arguably the best motorcycle social network out there.  Drop them a message to introduce yourself and while you are at it, let them know Russ and Sweet Cindy sent you.


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  • HDBeech
    HDBeech We did miss you this year. I think you have some making up to do! xoxo
    July 2, 2015