The Days Until the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Keep Ticking A

  • For many, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starts long before the official August 5th kick off date. Thousands of bikers travel great distances each year to attend this rally of rallies, many of them turning the trip into an extended vacation, spending several extra days on the road to take in the sights along the way. There are also hundreds of pre-rally happenings going on in the greater Sturgis, South Dakota area and many take advantage of the less crowded atmosphere these pre-rally events provide. 

    What does this all mean to those planning to attend the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Well it means that time is running out get yourself ready. Biker babes across the nation spend a great deal of time shopping for sexy biker apparel to wear while at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and for those who shop for their sexy biker apparel on-line, there is not much time left to do so, you need to get your sexy biker apparel shopping done now!

    For those biker babes that are looking to purchase new leather tops for the rally, time is really short. As anyone with any leather apparel experience knows, the only way to gain that “perfect fit” is to have their leather apparel tailored to fit their specific biker babe curves and mounds. Most sexy leather tops are very versatile in how they can be worn and their fit has a great deal to do with exactly how much any particular biker babe wishes to cover or maybe leave uncovered. A good leather tailor can do magical things with leather apparel but it takes a couple of days sometimes.

    Waiting until the last moment to purchase sexy biker apparel can also become very costly as 2nd day and overnight shipping rates can get outrageous and of course there is always the possibility that a particular piece of sexy biker apparel does not fit quite right and will need to be exchange for a different size which, of course will take a few extra days.

    While the hundreds of thousands of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendees may not realize that you are wearing last year’s sexy biker apparel, as a result of your procrastination which lead to you not getting your 2013 order in on time, the hundreds of biker babe photos that will be taken of you will tell a very different story. Don’t be that biker babe, get your sexy biker apparel shopping done now so you can knock them dead with your new biker babe look for 2013!


  • wheels
    wheels I hope to see lots of your clothing at this years event. We should be there around the 5th staying most likely at the Iron Horse camp again.
    July 26, 2013
  • BikerCrap
    BikerCrap We hope you see plenty of BikerCrap while you are there as well Wheels, we've certainly sent enough sexy apparel out the door over the past month or so. You are certain to run into gals wearing our PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties for sure, we've sold TONS of nipp...  more
    July 26, 2013