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Do Kids Really Belong at Motorcycle Rallies?

  • While there are some exceptions, on the whole, motorcycle rallies and events are geared towards an adult audience and while most in the motorcycle community are aware of this, there still remains an element of the new age motorcycle enthusiast that insists to bring the clan along to any event that does not enforce a 21 and over policy. This “bring your kid to the biker party” phenomenon is growing more and more prevalent as the modern day biker arrives at the weekend event in motor home with bikes in tow.  Having little regard for others, who attend these rallies to get away from the restrictions of mainstream America, they level the RV and unleash the kids to have their way around camp, intruding on the privacy and good times of other.

    Nudity is commonplace at most bike rallies, be it limited to biker chicks flashing their naked breast or going full on topless, as they leisure around their own camp site or maybe take a bike out on a bead collecting mission. And while some parents may not care that their children are exposed to bikers behaving badly and women exposing their lady flesh, it is inconsiderate on the part of the parent to bring children into an environment where consenting adults may not be as comfortable about letting lose in the company of children, thus having to curtail their less than wholesome activities. It simply comes down to a lack of respect on the part of the parent.

    Even at the tamer motorcycle rallies the atmosphere of the biker lifestyle should be considered inappropriate for children of all ages. At any well attended bike rally there is an excess amount of drinking, adult language and there are always biker chicks ready and willing to bare their naked breasts at the mere suggestion of doing so. Grinding on the dance floor and the obligatory wet t-shirt contest are certainly not what most responsible adults would consider an acceptable environment for little ones.

    How about the large public motorcycle rallies such as Hollister, Sturgis and Laconia, is it acceptable to bring kids to these events? Well these events are certainly held in public, at least that is the excuse that many families use to justify loading up the twin stroller and making themselves a complete nuisance as they try and navigate down the packed sidewalks of these events, and for what, to see a biker? Try taking in an episode of SOA instead, or if this is too hardcore, rent Wild Hogs for the 12th time. At all of these large public motorcycle rallies, the thrust of everything happening is aimed towards bikers so again, you’ll find hot biker chicks strutting around in chaps and thongs and only nipple pasties covering their near naked breast. In some towns, where it is legal, the crowded sidewalks will be frequented with lady bikers wearing little more than a pair of booty shorts and body paint. Certainly sites such as these have never brought harm to a child however, it’s simply not necessary for anyone to bring your kids to any adult biker party other than those specifically created to be a family affair.

    So, if you feel the need to take in a motorcycle rally, do yourself and everyone in attendance a favor by leaving the children with grandma. And if you cannot find a sitter, don’t make it everyone else’s problem, have some respect for fellow bikers and stay home!



  • Jimmyacorn
    Jimmyacorn Oh Man!!! Don't get me started!!!!!!!!!!
    May 1, 2013
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    DocBean A-frinkin'-men!!!!!
    May 2, 2013
  • Stormy1963
    Stormy1963 Wish there was a "like" button on here! Course I could only click it once! Awesome post, only problem I see is that folks that would load up the whole "fam damily" and bring them to the rallies, will in all probability not be on this site to read this!...  more
    May 2, 2013