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Heat Deflectors

  • I’ve had a set of these things on my Road King since 2003.  Didn’t get them because I was trying to deflect heat, got them because they looked good and they were a bit unique.  Found the guy that makes these things way back in my Yahooligan days, pretty cool dude, a Vet, biker and just trying to make a living.

    If you’re looking for something a little different, to dress up your bike, you might want to spend the minute to check these things out.  I’m not big on bells and whistles and I’ve got very few doo dads and thinga-ma-bobs stuck on my bike, but I did put a set of these on and they really do look great and you DON'T HAVE TO POLISH THEM!!!!

    And if you check out the pix that show the studded heat deflectors on the 2001 Road King, that be my bike  J.  I was one of his earlier customers and he asked me to snap a few shots so he could pimp them on his web site.  He got the damn year wrong though, my bikes an 02......but no big deal.