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Day 20 - Las Vegas to Reno

  • Right after I added the last page Lori and I went to see Cher at Caesars Palace. She puts on a good show. There is a lot of costume changes, so they do a lot of flashbacks to the early days with Sonny and Cher together.But each time she comes back out she seems to be wearing less. Not a problem in my mind! She is still a very good looking woman! She even wore the costume from the video "if I could turn back time" Every red blooded American male out there knows which one I am referring to.


    Anyway, I digress. So back to the trip.

    Las Vegas is kind of like owning a large boat. You are very pleased to see it and look around and look forward to having fun, but are just as happy to see it disappear behind you in the rear view mirror.

    It is a fun place to be sure, but you get tired of the constant hawkers and beggars everywhere, and everything is always "give me money" I get tired of it real quick. It just does not have real class anymore. It is just shallow trappings to get you to spend more money. The fun that I have is people watching.

    So, we left Las Vegas and headed north, and all I can say about that trip is there is about 400 miles of nothing but hills, sagebrush, and dry grass. You could take a picture and 300 miles later it would look the same.

    We got into Reno a bit early, so we stopped off at a laundromat to get our clothes clean. That is one thing about a motorcycle trip like this, you can only take a few changes of clothes, so you are stopping to wash a lot.

    While we were washing, there must have been over 500 motorcycles go by. This weekend is "Street Vibrations" and it is a big celebration of music and motorcycles. They have the main section of town blocked off for motorcycle only parking and bands playing everywhere. This is the main reason I wanted to stop by here on the way home.




    We are resting now to get ready for the night life and see the bikes and vendors and have fun. Tomorrow morning we head north and meander towards home.

    As a footnote, if anyone likes to gamble and goes to any of the resort towns even once a year, it is well worth it to look into the Total Rewards program that Harrahs entertainment group has. There are like 12 casino's participating (Bally's, Caesars, Flamingo, Harrah's, Harveys, Horseshoe, Rio, Paris.and a couple more.
    It does not cost to join, and they give away all kinds of stuff like free nights at the hotels. We got Thursday night free and Friday at 1/2 price. Well worth it.