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  • Boogie with your friends at ABATE!

    It’s time to let loose, be yourself, hang out with your biker buddies, and have one hell of a time! Join us for a celebration of America at the Boogie. It’s going to be four days of not worrying about anything but having a great time! Where else can you let down your hair (if you have it) or let other things down, kick back with “family” and not worry about offending someone? The Boogie, of course!

    Thursday, July 18

    8:00 AM Gates open
    8:00 AM Shuttles start
    9:00 AM Ice sales open
    7:00 PM Battle of the Bands winner (Main Stage)
    8:30 PM “The Soap Girls” (Main Stage)
    9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
    2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

    Friday, July 19

    9:00 AM Ice sales open
    10:00 AM Corn Hole Tourney registration (Boogie Dome)
    10:30 AM Corn Hole Tourney begins (Boogie Dome)
    10:30 AM Mini Bike Games registration (in front of Main Stage)
    11:30 AM Mini Bike Games begin (in front of the Main Stage)
    1:30 PM Hole Shot Contest registration (Boogie Dome Motorsports Arena)
    1:30 PM Beer Pong (Boogie Bar)
    2:00 PM Hole Shot Contest (Boogie Dome Motorsports Arena)
    2:30 PM Boogie Radio Contest (Boogie Bar)
    3:00 PM Arm Wrestling registration (Boogie Dome)
    4:00 PM Arm Wrestling begins (Boogie Dome)
    5:00 PM “Pretty with the Lights Out” (Main Stage)
    5:30 PM Hoosier Hunk Contest registration
    6:15 PM Hoosier Hunk Contest
    7:30 PM “Taylor Road (main Stage)
    8:00 PM Hoosier Honey registration begins (Main Stage)
    8:45 PM Hoosier Honey Contest begins (Main Stage)
    9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
    11:00 PM “Steepwater Band” (Main Stage)
    12:00 AM Band (Main Stage)
    2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

    Saturday, July 20

    9:00 AM Ice Sales open
    9:30 AM Boogie Ride registration (Motorcycle Memorial)
    11:00 AM Boogie Run (Motorcycle Memorial)
    11:00 AM Bike Show registration (Downtown in Party Town)
    12:00 PM Field Events registration (in front of the Main Stage)
    12:00 PM Bike Show Judging (Downtown)
    1:00 PM Field Events begin (in front of the Main Stage)
    2:30 PM Bike Show Awards
    3:00 PM Tattoo Contest registration (Boogie Dome)
    3:00 PM Boogie Radio Contest (Boogie Bar)
    4:00 PM Tattoo Contest (Boogie Dome)
    5:00 PM “65 North Pickers” (Main Stage)
    6:00 PM Crowd Participation Contests
    Featuring: Prettiest Panties, Pasties, Hairy Butthole, Beer Belly Contests (Main Stage)
    8:00 PM “Gregory’s Xit” (Main Stage)
    9:00 PM Stupid Human Tricks (Main Stage)
    9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
    9:45 PM “Cody Parks and the Dirty South” (Main Stage)
    11:00 PM “Blacktop Mojo” (Main Stage)
    2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

    Sunday, July 21

    10:00 AM Non-Denominational Spiritual New Creations Restoration Church shelter (in the bottoms)
    11:00 AM Event closes

    Gates open at 8:00 AM, Thursday, July 18, and will remain open throughout the event and close at 11:00 AM, Sunday, July 21.

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