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Event Details

  • Sat, Mar 25, 2023
    9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 1st & Last Stop of Poker Run as well as a live auction and raffles will be at Club Rodeo.
  • 3426 E MacArthur
  • Wichita, KS 67216
  • Event Host:

    Kansas Wounded Vet Run
  • Event Contact Info:

    Stacie Jester
    (316) 806-7305

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Event Desc

  • We have an event on March 25, 2023, that we had to put together on very short notice (flyer attached). And any help from the Kansas community and beyond Kansas would be so greatly appreciated.

    The reason for the urgency is we have a Kansas Combat Veteran, USMC Vietnam Veteran Jim "JC" Culver who was diagnosed with ALS earlier this month. Jim's health has declined rapidly since first showing symptoms this past November. He is losing his speech quickly along with little to no muscle movement in his left arm. And from what research has shown with ALS, Jim's health will continue to decline. Rapidly decline.

    Jim enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 30 June 1965 and was honorably discharged on 1 April 1969. As a Vietnam Veteran who served over 300 missions during 1966-68 with VMO-6 as a Door Gunner. The life expectancy for a Door Gunner during Vietnam, was 2.5 weeks. He completed 300 missions!! If you ever get a free moment, do a quick google search on both "VMO-6 Vietnam" and "Door Gunner in Vietnam."

    Jim has helped our local motorcycle community with his business, Klondike Motorcycle Medevac and Transport over the past decade. Klondike was part of his call sign in Vietnam aka "Klondiker". He has continued his service with transporting motorcycle enthusiasts even when they had little to nothing and continued to give back to his community like he was taught in the United States Marine Corps and being led by God!

    Jim has recently put his business up for sale due to his quickly declining health and primary diagnosis of ALS. Feel free to follow his business page here on Facebook along with his personal Facebook page. Jim has been approached continuously over the years about being honored. He has always kindly declined. But Kansas Wounded Vet run was going to honor him whether he wanted to or not. And we told him just that. We will honor you for your service to our country and our Kansas communities!

    Kansas Wounded Vet Run and so many from his military career along with many people he met along the way with his business are wishing to give back as much as he has given to all of us with his professionalism and smile, not to mention sacrifice for our country.

    Again, any help from the community to honor Jim would be so greatly appreciated.

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