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    March 17, 2023 5:39 PM PDT

    Planning a ride from Atlanta Ga. to Tombstone, Az. end of July/beg of August. Basically following I-20 with some off highway scenic detours. Any advice or suggestions on must sees & dos and safety, cautions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!

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    March 19, 2023 10:36 AM PDT
    It' gonna be Hot then so carry plenty of water. Once off the interstate there are miles between places to gas so always keep the tank full. In Texas, west of Odessa/Midland is Sand Hills State Park. You can go south at Monahan's to Fort Stockton and south to Big Bend Natl Park, one of the most beautiful places in Texas. After Big Bend park then take FM170 from Terlingua Ghost town to Presidio, nationally rated as one of the best Bike Roads in the country. There is also the MacDonald Observatory near Fort Davis and a walk through Calvary barracks. A few miles north of Van Horn there are the Guadalupe Mountains. One of the best Bike Roads in the country is in the Big Bend area. It is a bit off your route though. FM 170 from Terlingua Ghost town to Presidio.

    See the map below

    The interstate is almost 800 miles of flat, boring, and sometimes chaotic from Texarkana through El Paso

    Safe Travels
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    March 19, 2023 10:39 AM PDT


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    March 19, 2023 12:16 PM PDT

    thanks a bunch!

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    April 4, 2023 4:51 AM PDT
    To add to what Rex said - there are a whole lot of cool small off-shoots near Big bend if you can spare some time. And since you're going to go throuw Van Horn anyway - there are Texas MT there( one of my favorites, scenery is amazing).
    In terms of safety - it's gonna be hot as hell, so plan what you going to wear(I think last year I was mostly using some hunting stuff from local gun store, was decent) and bring a whole bunch of water.
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