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New rider suggestions?

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    August 16, 2019 4:58 PM PDT

    Hi I'm new to the motorcycle scene and looking to get settled in. A while ago I bought my first bike - a KTM 250 2 smoker. A lot of bike for not a lot of experience. Well I thought I would be fine if I just "took it nice and easy" but here I am typing this with a torn ACL. It was my second time riding a motorcycle, the first time it was on a Yamaha 125 2 smoker and I flipped it right on my ass instantly. After having tearing my ACL so early kinda makes me fear ever riding a bike again. I think when I start moving I just panic and drop the clutch and then I tense up and get a handful of throttle.. I've been driving manual cars for a long time so I'm no noob to the clutch, it's just that I tend to get a little nervous on two wheels. I'm thinking sell the 250 and buy a 125 4 stroke. I'm pretty tall so I'd be cramped on a little 125 but I think on a smaller bike I'd feel more comfortable knowing it's a lot lighter and my feet can always touch the ground. 

    Looking for suggestions on a good bike I can buy, or advice on not flipping the bike instantly on my ass and I'd really not enjoy tearing my ACL again..

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    August 17, 2019 11:49 AM PDT

    Find a way to be more comfortable on what you have. Maybe de-tune (if possible). Head to one of the MSF classes that have bikes to use and under the eye of a trained instructor he/she might be able to help.