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Brotherhood of riding

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    June 4, 2018 6:26 AM PDT

    This past weekend i was on my way to a charity poker run in Otter Lake Michigan. All went fine got up there after a cold 2 1/2 hour ride got registered. As i was walking back to my back i had a guy aske me if that was my bike i replied yes nice bike he says except you have a flat rear tire. i could have just screamed here I am middle of no where closes bike place 45 minutes away no cell service to speak of. When he says i have a patch kit (tire has a tube) I was like great, but how do we get a flat tire of a 700 lb bike without a jack. He looks at me says i will be right back, he shows back up with four more guys and some wood. Long story short an hour later tube patched tire patched and ready to go. I have not had or felt that much comradery from any person since I left the service. Had it not been for these people i would have been stranded, they did not need to help me they chose to help me it wasn't what brand i ride or who i am but the fact there really is a true brotherhood of bikers still left. I just wanted to share my story and tell all of people who helped me thank you for being a true brother.