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Biker people are nicer people!!

  • June 11, 2012 3:49 AM PDT
    Thanks for all the comments to my recent "Sad but true" posting concerning the parting of Bucephalus and I, and even the single negative comment reinforced my view that Biker's/motorcyclist et al are straight up people, as opposed to the wingeing, two faced, back stabbers I usually have to work with. However, I really did appreciate your thoughts on this subject which I assure you (my hyperbole aside) was a serious subject. The Harley is still in the garage covered, and this morning found myself tip-toeing past, we didn't exchange a word; I am supposed to do the hand over this Saturday 16th.06.; the delay was my prearranged trip to Greece, and I have a personalised number plate on the Harley which had to be changed over to the BMW and takes a little time in the UK. However, Greece was great, fantastic riding on traffic free mountain roads, often fantastic sea views on one side with mountains on the other, and the weather was just about perfect early June. Taking many oportunities to swim in hidden coves, in still sea with no current or rip, where this pathetic swimmer felt like Titan not Titanic. We are fortunate here in the UK when able to spot a good price flight to say Athens can pick up a 700cc Honda TransAlp the same day, over the Corinth Canal and head for the hills the next day or Munich in Germany head SE towards Bavaria (great riding) where you can get into Austria Italy and into Chech Rep or Slovenia easily now with the EU no border policy, and also mileage wise. Things you have to do to avoid the forest of speed cameras and enthusiastic traffic cops who continue to lose sleep worrying about my safety here in the UK, ho hum. Anyway, I have a PC Geek friend who I will get to post some pictures of what I'm about, ride safe and as my Dad used to say keep your bowels open. JL
  • June 11, 2012 4:20 AM PDT
    Sounds like an Awesome trip.
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    June 11, 2012 5:03 AM PDT
    Sounds like a great time !! If I had the chance to cruise Europe,I would probably hit the south of France,check out the coast n visit some family.Besides I would love to check out the beaches around Monte Carlo :)
  • June 11, 2012 5:16 AM PDT
    Well I'm a biker and I'm really not that nice, just ask me!
    For years I have been fit into a stereotype and have found comfort there... I don't mind being viewed in those small minded terms. Public perception means nothing in the grand scheme of things to my way of thinking... look at all these dumbasses still worshiping movie stars and musicians? That should clue you in, the general public at large is clueless.
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    June 11, 2012 5:47 AM PDT
    first off...yes, yes we are the nicest people....second, looking forward to seeing the pics....and third....black9 really is a nice guy when you get to know him....he's just too honest for most people to handle.......
  • June 11, 2012 11:41 AM PDT
    I'm just dabbling with this bike forum stuff and never cease to be amazed by the power and emotion a few words can evoke, either in or unintentionally, this vast expanse of cyber space I have an inherent distrust of; I am a child of another era driven by steam. Some great men I have known will remain forever unknown, who would never be typing their thoughts to this glowing screen. Just proves the psychological tests taken a long time ago (which I used to think were Bull88it) were probably right, you do have to be more than the best shot in the unit. I did intend to post an image of myself, but have had second thoughts, but I will post some pictures as promised.
    I will always live my life by this one principle: There are three things in life that you can take back..A sped arrow..A spoken word or a missed opportunity.

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    June 12, 2012 9:20 PM PDT
    Well said, John. And enjoy that adventure of yours. Many, many people are ridin' along and livin' vicariously thru you...and I'm one of 'em. Doesn't matter what you ride. Never did. And I must agree with Black9 on one thing, whatever slings and arrows we've encountered by choosing this lifestyle, are well worth the price, to get to do what we love to do. Nes'pah?

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  • June 14, 2012 5:40 AM PDT
    Like saying good bye to an old friend :)

    And yes, I have found bikers are the best friends in the world!!!
  • June 14, 2012 12:06 PM PDT
    I always remember in my head that their journey ends when they pile into their cage and mine is just beginning when I sling my leg over the seat. All their stares and comments can't make me forget this an in a way I feel sorry for those who have never ridden down a deserted hwy with a loveone on the seat behind you.