What happen 2 Abate in Indiana?

  • May 9, 2012 4:16 PM PDT
     I am a re-newed member of Abate Indiana after 10yrs of being relocated. At one time I was a proud member of such a wonderful organization. Besides being a member for great cause, we were family! When I moved, I praised what all it stood for, and gave all my love & respects to them. I just returned home & joined abate once again. Tho some members I did not ever lose contact with, some have came & gone. I put forth alot as a member, and resently have been seeing things that disgust me. Tonight we had our monthly region meetin, and sadly have to admit, I had to walk away at a point cuz i was in tears with rage & disgust. Abate has lost its worth, lost its true meaning. Lettin club influence take control over a "non 4 profit" its become all bout power, politics, & money. Not a thing to do with family, or who we are suppose to be helping. They want to force out the originals, as one being my father, in all but a moral way. Words of disrespect & ignorance were all that was exchanged today, no one left feeling that anything was comfortably resolved. Now our region director is a member of a club, whom is the main problem with our situation, and hate to say, but state people are to pussy assed to stand up & make things right. Im so lost, and so disappointed....I cant even let it go. Is there anyone else out there seeing these changes in Indiana abate? What can be done?
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    May 9, 2012 11:47 PM PDT
    I understand your disgust Sweet Haze. I had been an officer for years in Ohio. I was also a patch holder at the time though I kept club business separate from the ABATE mission. As you suggested, the old members have long since vanished and there really isn't a lot of committed younger folks to take their places; regionally. I've not stayed current with state business so I can't comment on that.

    I also understand the point made about "clubs". The infiltration of some clubs into ABATE definitely is a power thing, a presence thing, and on occasion a recruitment tool. In many cases it's also a political move. NCOM was created by lawyers, not bikers but lawyers who ride and saw the $$$$ potential in defending bikers, particularly %er's. You'll find that in any given state NCOM regional meetings are attended primarily by %'er clubs who also provide security for the event and often close the door to rival clubs. NCOM is a good thing for %'ers and a money maker for lawyers. I once asked one of their lawyers why get involved with defending %'ers. The reply was straight up to the point: "I don't have to worry about being paid whether I win or lose. And it's a lot safer than being a divorce lawyer where you have to watch your back against some irate husband". NCOM (national coaliton of motorcyclist)has actually become an NCOC(Coaliton of clubs). But it does keep bikers abreast of their rights.
    What's indicative of club influence in ABATE depends on where one lives. Civilians become frustrated. But civilians also do not understand the club mentality. Like it or hate it there's not a helluva lot you can do about it unless you have a bigger stick. Unfortunate? Depends on who you are.

  • May 10, 2012 12:31 AM PDT
    Try Region 2,specifically Starke County
  • May 11, 2012 3:31 AM PDT
    ABATE was started by a certain club because the government was busy building an unconstitutional RICO law to marginalize them so they started ABATE with none club members to further the cause of motorcyclists rights. I've been an ABATE member in one form or another since 99 and I've seen some great things happen and some not so great things happen and you're right, the division is very visible and often times ridiculous! People getting in key positions to rip off the group or just sit around the capitol rubbing elbows cutting deals that hurt us more than help us. I believe in due diligence but what I have been seeing lately is a lot of malaise in those positions.

    One year I had read their annual report on the Washington State legislature report and it pissed me off so I shot a letter off to the state legislature reps and read them the riot act... then a few months later our chapter had camped together at the Spring Opener and I heard someone say "Where's the Grays Harbor Coordinator, I really have to meet him!" so I stood up and introduced myself and this person really wanted my insight and said to me "Usually ALL the mails I get are from members praising me and saying what a great job I'm doing and you served my ass up for dinner... and I appreciated every word because it got me thinkin..." It was odd that I had that sort of impact on them but I couldn't just sit around and NOT say something.

    Anyway, it used to be in ABATE that it is what you make of it but lately it's been heavily influenced by some bad eggs and squids who have no ****** idea what they're doing or saying and causing harm to the MRO in general. I always hope that things will turn around but as for me I was demonized pretty harshly because concessions to the government was not a two way street as far as the government was concerned they just wanted to impose laws against us and have us shut up about it! The same government that doesn't represent any of us in the motorcycle world. They falsify numbers all the time about motorcycle accidents and deaths and all the while ignore that cages have 4 times the accidents and deaths per-capata. The government knows how small we are and knows we don't have a lot going for us and almost nobody to speak on our behalf and if ABATE falls they will make it a federal law to ride with all sorts of gear on that has nothing to do with motorcycles and hit us at every stop to pull us over and check our exhaust decibel reading! We will get harassed into giving up riding because lobbyists for GM, Ford and few other automakers still consider motorcycles to be a threat to their bottom line.

    OY Off my soapbox, sorry, I have done this shit for a while now and have properly educated myself on this subject that it disheartens me when I see them drive away good quality members who want to do good and stand up for our rights.
  • May 14, 2012 6:04 AM PDT
    SweetRebel. I would love to talk with you about this directly, so I can understand what the problem is. You can reach me at the ABATE of Indiana office Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. --- Marc Falsetti, 800-232-2283
  • May 15, 2012 8:30 PM PDT
    Wow...love seeing the passion from others as well. Thats what I so miss! I dont know all the legitamate details past or present, and would never claim to. I just know what I have been taught, what I feel and what I feel is right. I just feel instead of us having to compete amongst eachother, we should, no matter work together to strive for the same goals. Either a lone rider, clubbie, or just free on 2 wheels, we all have 1 thing in common at least, and thats what brings us together. As for Abate, yes I do know the origin of it, and I think its great no matter how it started, tho I have heard a few twists in the story, but no matter how it started, its done wonderful things.....and should not end in human ignorance. Failure to stand by "the code" I do believe abate needs to relish on the "the golden days" As I have said to others about the change in human morals.....times may change, the world may revolve...but its humanity that choses to change or stick to its roots. The eye of a storm will always be the eye of the storm. What is outside of the eye is there & gone in matter of time. Thank you much for the responses ya'll, it does give me a sense of feelin that Im ok to feel the way I do. Just all these years putting so much faith into a group of people, and then feeling wrong.....the only thing I feel that is left in these parts of the world, cuz by gosh you sure cant put ur good judgement into our governments, our welfare systems, schools, and sadly our churches anymore. I am a person that has no family other than my own children, so Abate is all I have. Maybe I am just a fool for puttin so much heart into such, or maybe not. And TourGlide, yes I have noticed Region 2 seems to be close, I grew up in Starke County, know several people over there, have recruited for the county 10yrs ago. And I see the same in Region 3(more Wabash Co.) and thats great stuff right there. Here in Marshall & Fulton, I have great friends, many of us whom have been close knit for many years. But we have many many members whom are just here for the "party favors" ya know, we do not even have a family night? I remember as a lil girl going to many events. I would love to involve them some as well. And yes Marc, I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your response as well, glad to see someone down state that cares. There are problems and concerns that do need heard but for some reason either dont get heard, or well some people just wont speak up. Again Thank You.
  • May 15, 2012 8:34 PM PDT
    Let me add....I do thank you all, I have been much more educated here, and appreciate hearing others views. Was wonderful reads, and your words will stick with me! The name is Chasity, always honored to meet new friends. All ride safe in these beautiful weathers, much luv & respects