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Motorcycle Therapy

  • I start her up! I smell the exhaust! My head filled with chaos and rage. I need to feel the wind in my face.

    I straddle her leather seat, as I rev the throttle I feel the vibration through my thighs. The machine and me Bond. The motorcycle becomes an extension of me.

    I warm up the tires and I'm looking for a back road leading to nowhere. I'm thinking the road to woodland Beach and out by route 9 sounds like the perfect escape.

    The scenery comes alive as I ride. The smells the colors the feel of the wind invading my senses. Forcing me to pay attention to what is in front of me and not in my head or behind me.
    I do not have to worry about anything but a long safe Ride.
    A sense of calming comes over me and this is when I am close to God. I let it all out, I let him take the hurt and betrayal from others off my heart. I let him renew my faith and comfort and accept me and keep me safe.

    I ride to my friend's house we call a few friends and it's time to meet up in full force eight of us riding side by side making our presence known on the highway. Joy and happiness flood my brain I am feeling euphoria that God has once again shown me that for every lesson I learned I grow and I change. I'm wiser no longer the fool no longer blind.

    And all of this happened from a motorcycle ride!