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The woken sheep

  • I was once blind but now I see
    True words have never been spoken!

    I prayed to God for direction, and he has led me down a path that seems to be uphill both ways. I remember my mother telling me that the road to hell is straight and wide.
    And the road to salvation is rugged, narrow, and steep.

    People ask me what it's like to finally see the truth.
    I suppose I can describe it as pain, betrayal, unrecognizable from anything else you have experienced.
    It rocked me to my core. I feel that my life up till now has been serious of lies. As long as you believe and you follow and you do what you are told and you think the way they tell you to think then they are your friends. But the moment you think differently you become the enemy. It hurts, it shatters you because you trusted these people. You believed that they cared. You allowed your daughter to get sucked in. It makes you feel like your fool. You ask yourself why did I not see what was right before me the whole time. Maybe this is one of the lessons that God teaches. Love thy neighbor but don't trust them. Keep people at arm's length because the more you give of yourself the more ammo they can shoot you with.

    I'm thankful that there are other people that show kindness and love and acceptance without expecting you to follow blindly. These people understand and have probably felt the same way. However some people give so much of themselves to an organization that if they were to pull out it would cost them everything. How can I can I ask that of them? Yet how can I remain their friend knowing that they are hiding amongst the blinded sheep. How can I trust them when the company they keep is so shameful and deceitful.?

    For now I'm an island and I will protect that Island no matter the cost.