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Update to precipice of pride

  • I was enraged to hear that the pastor PJ had told my child's father after I had left in my vehicle. That because I got loud when I ran into the church for help while running from this unnamed security member, he was about to drag me out of there.

    No I am not kidding!
    The pastor of Freedom biker Church in Newark Delaware told my husband to his face that he was going to drag a woman out of church that ran in for help.
    No words can explain or Express my feelings. If a man like that is willing to do that to a member of his own church. What is he teaching? What is he preaching? Sometimes you cannot see cult like behavior while you are in the middle of it. But from the outside looking in now I see so many things that we're screaming get out this is not a safe friendly place.

    I can only hope that he does not act on his intentions the next time a member is scared and needs protection from another member. My prayers go out to the women of the church I hope God will keep them safe and that they know their worth

    Any prayers you can send our way would be greatly appreciated.