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How To Iron On Your Custom Patches

  • What is iron on patches?


    When a top quality embroidered patch add a piece of environmental protection hot melt glue on the backing, it is an iron-on patch. When the glue is heated to 150 degrees, it will stick perfectly to your clothes. If you think sewing a patch a hassle, Custom an iron-on Patch is the best solution.


    How to iron on your custom patches?


    Dany Patches offer various backing support for your choice, such as iron-on backing, plastic backing, adhesive backing, velcro backing, and paper backing. One of the most popular backings is iron-on backing. It's not hard to imagine why it's the most popular. Because it is easier to use than other backing methods, and it is a low cost. All you need is an iron. It's easy to get because almost every home has an iron, that the patch can then be easily attached to the garment with a few simple steps:


    1. Just put the patch on the clothing and cover it with a thin fabric to prevent scalding. 

    2. Then set the temperature to 150℃ and put the iron on to the patch, and press it back and forth for about 20-30 seconds. 

    3. Apply the same pressing technique on the other side of the garment, again using a fabric to cover the garment to avoid burns.

    4. Don't pick it with your hands until it's cooled, if not the patch won't hold properly. Once it's cooled, your patch will be perfectly fixed to the garment.


     Custom iron on patches are very widely used,you can custom iron on patches for hats, custom large iron-on patches for motorcycle vests, custom iron on name patches for T-shirts, and more clothing.