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Looking to start a MC.

  • Hi I hope everyone that may see my post is doing well.

    Ok, I live in Selmer, TN in McNairy, TN.
    I'm am wanting to try and start a Motorcycle Club in McNairy but not certain who I should talk to.

    It would be for the most part a Law Abiding Club.
    There is so much more in my intentions for the club but to much to type.

    I have been doing alot of research ect but coming up short.

    I was told I should seek a blessing from a Dominant Club or top club in my area.

    But my hope is for futher to have a Chapter in Jackson, TN, Memphis, TN, and Nashville.

    So thinking maybe need a blessing from a Dominant of TN.

    Yes, we will wear a M.C. and a full set as a Traditional Club would. We would be a Respectful Club to anyone of course.

    So I guess I'm seeking any advice on who to talk to and or what I should do to prevent anything happening that might become a bad situation.

    If anyone is interested in helping or advising, suggestions, or anything.
    Feel free to email me at
    Thank you in advance.


  • Gunnar Hey there bud,

    First things first, yes you will need to inform/talk to the dominant club of your state and/or area. Also, do not call yourself a motorcycle club (or gang), there is a distinct difference between a MC, and a RC (Riding Club), RC's are a...  more
  • TonyLaycock Thanks Gunnar, I found out it is the Outlaws for TN.
    I’m not calling anything a club or a gang.
    Just planning to start as a RC then once started and operating for a year to prove ourselves then we will work on becoming a MC....  more