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Project Basket case

  • Project Basket case
    I just traded the 1990 XLH Sporster for a Harley basket case, witch includes a 80 CI Shovelhead engine and a 1957 straight leg rigid frame. also a 4 speed Trans with  Elect/Kick start.
    I will post before & after pictures as well as during the building of my new project.
    I will most likely trade the shovelhead engine for a panhead engine as I prefer Panheads. So heads up if anyone has an old pan and wants a shovel let me know. 
    I hope to get started next week.
    04-10-10 Frame and rear wheel re painted today. Working on front end and brakes
     04-04-2010 1930hrs.
    a test coat of paint
     3-28-10 - 1359: Update pictures Removing the plate to cover the seat tube

    03-27-10 Up Date: OK got the frame, Front & Back wheer and part of the front end today. Why am I supprized that it is in much worse shape then led to beleave.  I will have to replace most of the tabs, the down tube for the seat post will have to be repaired or replaced. as will the tank & seat mount.


    LONER This is going to be an interesting project. And thank you for the complement my other bike took me over 18 years to get to where it's at. No, No pan yet still looking and thanks for keeping an ear out for me. Have a great night and ride safe
    March 29, 2010
    LONER 04-01-10 I welded the cross member on the rear end of the frame today after work. I can now start cleaning it up and getting it ready to paint.
    April 1, 2010
    LONER 4-8-10 Setback: I got more parts droped off today oil tank, gas tank rear fender,but none are for a ridig frame and will not work.
    April 9, 2010
    LONER 08-13-10: Up Date It's been awhile Anyway I started from scratch again Traded what I had for a 1947 rigid frame so pictures comming soon.
    August 13, 2010