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How to Remove Wrinkles from Leather Jackets?

  • A leather jacket should be treated delicately with care as it can be damaged easily. It cannot be folded and kept as you keep cotton and other fabrics. If it is not folded properly it can get wrinkles. Many people like to add a leather jackets to their wardrobe but are in two minds as leather gets a distressed look as it ages.



    Getting wrinkles out of the leather jackets is not an easy task. Here are a few strategies that you can follow to get the wrinkles out of your leather jacket. Very often the people using leather jackets have no time and give the jackets to the dry cleaners for removing the wrinkles.


    Remove the Wrinkle from Leather Jacket by Steaming

    When you are having a shower place your leather jacket on a hanger and hang it in the bathroom for around fifteen minutes. The steam that is given out during shower will make the leather jacket more pliable. This will help you to work on the wrinkles by pressing them out till they are no longer visible. If you like to you can use leather conditioner so that the wrinkles do not appear after it is dry.

    Do you want to make sure the wrinkles are gone forever? Iron out the creases from the leather jacket by placing a cotton sheet on the jacket and using brown craft paper as a buffer. Do this for a few seconds till all the creases are gone.


    Get rid of Wrinkles from Leather by Using Weight

    If you have bought your dream jacket of quality leather and were happy with it when heads turned your way when you walked past. Being heartbroken and disappointed when it creased is not the end of the world. You have to work on the wrinkles.

    Place your jacket on the bed with all the creases pressed out and place the mattress on it. You can sleep on the mattress during the night. When you get up in the morning and remove it from under the mattress you will see all the wrinkles gone.


    When can you use Alcohol to get rid of Wrinkles?

    If you buy a leather jacket that is made of finished leather then you can use alcohol to get rid of wrinkles. Finished leather has a protective coating and is stiffer so it does not easily get creased. If a jacket that is made of finished leather gets scratched and the scratch is the same color as the surrounding and in an inconspicuous place you will hardly notice it.

    If you have a jacket that is of unfinished leather or suede then you have to give it the steam treatment to remove the wrinkles that it gets. Before you give your jacket the alcohol treatment it is best to test the alcohol on the jacket at a discreet spot.

    Put the alcohol on a white lint- free cloth and test it on the jacket. It the jacket does not get discolored it is safe to use it. Rub out the wrinkles as best as you can and then apply alcohol. The jacket will get a little damp, and you can press out the wrinkles till they are gone. So you can have the jacket back in the old form.