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A Guide to Maintaining and Caring For Your Leather Clothing

  • A serious motorcyclist or biker will never have a full ensemble if he doesn't wear a custom motorcycle leather jacket, shoes, gloves and a helmet, and perhaps a body suit too. However, the outside world sees a gleaming leather jacket, highly probably because the rider takes such good care of it. So, how does he do it and what is a rider's cleaning and maintenance regimen of his leatherwear? Let's take a look:


    1. Get rid of the sweat: To be dressed in leather is to a pretty sweaty experience. And once the perspiration dries on the leather wear, it leaves behind salt that only makes the leather stiff, smelly and brittle.

    The salt can be got rid of by using a de-salter which can be sprayed on the jacket and cleaned with a rag. You can also use this to spray the insides of the leather clothing so that any more odors can be got rid of.

    2. Wash it with shampoo: If there's any grime or dirt that sticks on the jacket and gloves while you ride, shampoo them with leather shampoo. Use this shampoo by wiping a bit of it onto the dirt stains or those with discoloration. After this, use the shampoo on all other parts of the clothing.

    3. Condition your leather wear: This is the most important step to protect and enhance the life of your leather garments. By conditioning your leather garments, you keep them supple and flexible. If you condition your leather wear every couple of months, you will not need to wash or de-salt them as regularly as conditioning will keep both dirt and sweat at bay.

    Spray your leather garments with conditioner and then sponge the area with conditioner. Buff out the leather with a clean rag after the conditioner dries so that the garments' natural sheen returns to it.

    If your leather wear gets wet in the rain: This one's easy. Put it on a hanger and leave it to dry naturally. If it becomes very soggy in a downpour, perhaps you will see some colour migration and the clothing becoming stiff. To restore its original colour, spray conditioner or wax on the stain.

    Tips to maintain your leather wear:

    To get rid of just a little dirt on your cuffs and collars, sponge with soap and water. Leave to dry.

    To clean your jackets from the outside, use a damp cloth to wipe dirt patches. Do this once or twice a month. Leave to dry naturally.

    To clean from the inside, sponge with soapy water.

    For just a little sheen, use wax or polish.


    Buying leather garments isn't cheap, so once you invest in them, it pays to keep them looking good and long-lasting. Only then can they serve you to their fullest extent. This is why you need to take the best care of them so that they look just as good as when you first bought them and wore them. The tips above can help you in this direction.



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