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Safety Tips:Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents


    The number of motorcycle accidents reached an all time high killing 5,000 people in 2015 in the United States, according to Governors Highway Safety Association and Sam Schwartz Consulting. This is a 10 percent hike compared to 2014. The major reasons that lead to such fatalities include permissions from the states to ride without helmet and an increased number of motorcycle ownerships. In 2014, there were 8.4 million private and commercial motorcycles on U.S. roads, according to Federal Highway Administration. Other factors that result in motorcycle accidents include alcohol and drug use, rash driving, etc.


    In fact only 19 states and Washington D.C require motorcycle riders to wear a helmet while driving the vehicle; another 28 states require the young riders to wear helmets.  Thus it is required that the government as well as the Americans become even more responsible towards lowering motorcycle accidents, since this type of accident can lead to catastrophic injuries and death in many cases.


    A 19 year old man, Erwan McKeown was killed when a pickup driver rammed into the motorcycle. The man was travelling towards south on Tampa Avenue in the evening, when he was struck by the pickup that was travelling towards north. Several other fatal accidents like this are reported almost every day. The motor accident statistics in Tampa reveal that the number of people getting killed in motorcycle crashes in Florida and across the nation is on a rise.

    The deputy director of Governors Highway Safety Association, Jonathan Adkins says one area where there has been no significant progress is ‘motorcycle safety’. Thus it is necessary that people drive their vehicles safely so as not to harm themselves or anyone else on the roads.

    Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Before getting into how you can drive your machine safely, let us explore some little known facts about motorcycle accidents:

    • In single vehicle accidents (which accounts for only about ¼ of the motorcycle accidents), 2/3rd of the accidents are caused due to the driver’s errors such as slide-out and fall due to over-braking, lost control of the vehicle, running wide on a curve, etc.
    • Vehicle failure accounts for less than 3 percent of motorcycle accidents
    • Lack of attention while driving is a major reason for motorcycle accidents
    • Likelihood of injuries in a motorcycle accident is the highest:

                       o 98 percent of multiple vehicle collisions resulted in injuries

                       o 96 percent of the single vehicle accidents resulted in injuries

                       o 45 percent resulted in more than a minor injury

    The facts reveal that oftentimes, it is the faults of the rider himself that lead to fatal accidents. Thus here are some tips that will help you prevent motorcycle accidents:


    1. A Helmet is a Must

    Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chance of head injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that for every 100 motorcyclists who get killed in accidents, 37 would have survived had they been wearing a helmet. So wearing a helmet is a must while driving your motorcycle and it must comply with the Department of Transportation standards. Even if your state does not mandate the use of helmet, you should in order to ensure safety.


    2. Get a License

    In order to get a license, the riders are required to pass knowledge and skill test and undergo a training course that helps bikers learn the basic skills and stay safe on the roads. Majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by factors that are under the control of the motorcyclist and the drivers involved. Motorcyclists without a license are more prone to end up in accidents compared to those who have licenses.


    3. Do Not Mix Drink and Drive

    The risk of accidents increases significantly, when you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In fact, drivers are 40 times more likely to crash when they are drunk compared to those who are not. Not only the laws prohibit drunk driving; it is even more fatal than other types of accidents.


    4. Learn About the Common Causes of Accidents and Stay Alert


    Knowing about what might lead to an accident can help you prevent an accident. By knowing what leads to fatal motorcycle accidents, you can come up with ways to prevent such circumstances. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

    • Head-on collisions with other vehicles
    • Cars making left-hand turns
    • Lane splitting
    • Speeding & alcohol use
    • Collisions with fixed objects
    • Road hazards, etc.



    You can prevent motorcycle accidents by being responsible; however, if you still end up in an accident get immediate medical help and inform the police and your insurance company. If you were at fault, there nothing much you can do; but if the accident happened due to someone else’s faults, you should consult a lawyer immediately.

    A good lawyer will help you understand whether you have a case or not and help you win a compensation. So stay alert and drive safely on the road.


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