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41 New Patches Have Arrived

  • We got in a shipment of 4 boxes yesterday, 41 new designs came out of them along with a lot of other patches we were sold out of. Enjoy the new stuff that is now available and ready to ship. RIDE SAFE!


    New Embroidered Patches

    I Bleed Red White and Blue Patch

    I Ride with USA Pride Patch

    Proud to Be a Gun Toting American Patch in RWB

    Positive Mind Positive Vibes Positive Life Patch

    They said I could be Anything so I Became A Disappointment

    Let's Get Drunk make mistakes and Blame it on the Alcohol

    Better to Live Like a Lion for a Day than a Slave for 100
    Years Patch

    Be kind or I'll Kill you Patch

    Don't Care Patch

    Get Lost in The Ride Patch

    I would Rather be Stuck in the Mud Patch

    Have a Nice Day Patch

    I'm Not Yelling I'm Italian Patch

    I'm not Saying it Was Aliens but it Was Patch

    Fit in or **** Off USA Flag Patch

    Fit in or **** Off Canada Flag Patch

    Fit it or **** Off British Flag Patch

    All Gave Some Top Rocker Patch with US Flags

    Some Gave All Lower Rocker Patch with US Flag Tips

    Spartan Helmet US Flag Patch

    Sexy Mode On Patch

    Holligan Patch

    Immigration Officer Patch

    Misfit Patch

    Hashtag Asshole Patch

    Hashtag Bad Girl Patch

    Hashtag Biker Patch

    Hashtag Bitch Patch

    Hashtag Christian Patch

    Hashtag Cute Patch

    Hashtag Drunk Patch

    Hashtag Fast Patch

    Hashtag Fatboy Patch

    Hashtag Geek Patch

    Hashtag Intoxicated Patch

    Hashtag Nerd Patch

    Hashtag No Filter Patch

    Hashtag Perfect Patch

    Hashtag Sober Patch

    Hashtag Summerbod Patch

    Hashtag Swag Patch