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Why You Should Build Your Motorcycle From Scratch

  • Reasons to Build Your Own Motorcycle

    Reasons to Build Your Own Motorcycle

    Building your own motorcycle might seem challenging for the average Joe, but it is well worth it when it comes to your pocket book and unmatched customization. When someone purchases a motorcycle from a manufacturer, they are paying for the convenience of having everything assembled and ready to go. That may be good, but it comes with an inflated price tag that will include a higher price tag for convenience. They also are paying part of the salary for every employee of that manufacturer that had a hand in the creation process. In addition, there are taxes and fees attached to the price tag just because the bike was assembled by a licensed distributor. However, when someone builds their own bike they eliminate the taxes and fees, they only pay the price of parts. In addition, customization is limitless when building one’s own motorcycle. Specialty aftermarket parts can be added and other parts may be interchanged with cheaper aftermarket parts of th same quality. However, it’s recommended for someone to have the dedication to follow through on such a project and not be afraid to ask questions.


    There are several ways to build a motorcycle from scratch, but the cheapest and most convenient way is to order a kit that includes all or most parts needed for assembly. Purchasing a kit will eliminate a lot of wasted money, guesswork, and wasted time. Kits will usually also include instructions and should include all documentation to describe the assembly process in detail. has several options from several different companies. For example, Custom Chrome has one of the best selling and complete kits on the market in the HR3 line. Each kit includes everything but paint and gas. Another example is an Ultima bike kit, these offer superior performance at a reasonable price. There are hundreds more to choose from, the possibilities are endless.


    Build a Bike From Scratch

    Another major reason to build a bike from scratch is the limitless level of customization. The ability to customize from scratch is far more enjoyable than customizing parts on a pre assembled bike. When building from the foundation one can pick any part the want and make it work the first time. The need to modify parts is greatly reduced. All parts can also be painted to the specific detail that is desired. Every bolt and every screw can different from the next bike and makes that bike totally unique and original. Of course with customization there are several tools needed to do the job. A good set of screw drivers, socket set, and Allen wrenches are a necessity. However a from-scratch build will require a few pivotal tools. One of which is a chain breaker and riveter set. These are crucial if chain work will be done by the builder. Otherwise a tow to the mechanic may be needed. Another needed tool will be a torque wrench. A torque wrench is required to verify all fasteners are not over torqued, which can damage the fasteners or part involved. These are examples of many needed tools to successfully build a motorcycle.


    In conclusion, the concept of building a motorcycle is overall a better experience for the avid biker. A lot of motorcycle owners are interested in how the bike is made and have a general knowledge of how everything works on a motorcycle. The best part is with the proper tools, guidance and most of all patience, the average mechanic has the ability to tackle such an activity. Just remember to always have the motorcycle checked by a professional mechanic before operating the vehicle.


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