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A Patch for Your Club's Chaplain

  • Chaplain Patch

    Are you a chaplain in your motorcycle club?  If you are, you might want to add a Chaplain Patch to your jacket or vest.  The chaplain of a club is sometimes an elected officer or a rotating position, but more often than not, if you have a minister or other church official in your group, he becomes your club's permanent chaplain.  Why not recognize the part he has to play in your club?  That's why there are Club Patches for each of your organization's leaders, and a chaplain is definitely a leader.


    A chaplain can be a member of any faith, although the term originally was used in the Christian religion.  Today, chaplains are attached to many different groups.  Some are in the military, while others serve at a hospital, prison, or at universities.  Some are simply everyday people who have gone through training in chaplaincy instead of being official clergy members.  Your club chaplain may be one of these lay people instead of an ordained minister.  It all depends on the makeup of your club.


    This Chaplain Patch is one of many in-stock biker patches that your club can order to outfit your officers.  The text is in white, and the patch has a thick white border around it.  This makes it easy to sew it on to leather.  If you're putting it on a different material, you can iron it on using the heat-activated adhesive on the back.  The patch measures 3" by 1" inches and looks quite nice.


    A Patch for Your Club's Chaplain