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Proudly Declare You're a Lady Biker and Lady Rider

  • Lady Rider Back Patch

    Lady Bikers and Lady Riders

    Lady riders are just as amazing and awesome as men are.  They are drawn to motorcycles for many of the same reasons, but it seems like they have to defend themselves as true bikers time and time again.  The truth, though, is that many of these ladies are just as capable as men.  That's why they love to proudly proclaim that they're lady riders, even when they're not around other bikers or at biker events.


    You might not expect a woman to ride her motorcycle to work, but some do.  This is especially true of the lady bikers who don't have to always dress up and wear heels to work.  They'll ride their bikes everywhere.  Even the ones that do have to look "professional" will often stash their high heels in their saddles bags and change when they get to the office.


    Many other lady bikers will add some cool patches to their jackets or other items.  They might want to get a large back patch for their jacket that proudly proclaims them a lady rider.  One great large patch is the Lady Rider Back Patch with Pink and Purple Wings.  The awesome purple and pink colors are very feminine, and the wings make the wearer look like an angel.  You can add other, similar patches to your jacket to make a really cool look, and you can also paint your bike in the same colors.


    So ladies, don't let men get you down.  Announce the fact that you're a lady rider with pride!