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Owning a Classic Bike

  • What makes a biker a biker is the pride and love you show in your bike.  Having all the gear in the world will not make you a biker, though of course it never hurts to have a embroidered biker vest patch to show off your club. New bikes are great, but if you want to really show your pride, fixing up an old bike is an awesome way to go. Nothing compares to the history of owning a 1957 Harley-Davidson XL Sporter, for instance. Classic bikes were built with style and endurance, and they can be a fun way to relive a different era.


    Owning a classic bike means you can customize it any way you want. Older bikes, of course, are going to have parts break?they can?t last forever. However, that just means you can fix it up just the way you want. You could adjust the mufflers to get just the right sound. You could goose up the engine to really get that power between your legs. The best part, though, is feeling the grit between your fingers?really getting in there and working with your bike will give you a sense of ownership you didn?t feel before.


    Or maybe you just want to change your bike cosmetically, keeping the standard mechanics as intact as possible. An awesome paint job is just the way to really make your bike unique. Maybe your thing is some fierce flames and skulls or maybe you want something more whimsical like black and white checkerboard. It is all about your personal style. You can match your bike's look with some embroidered biker vest patches, too.


    Classic bikes are a great choice for riders wanting to make their bike their own. There are so many ways to customize your bike. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is all up to you!


    Owning a Classic Motorcycle