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Tips for Applying Iron-On Embroidered Patches

  • Tips for Applying Iron-On Embroidered Biker Vest Patches

    Embroidered patches are beautiful and durable.  They are crafted to look great after years of use.  To make sure that your patches are securely applied, check out our tips for applying patches.  Preparing ahead of time and using the right techniques will ensure that your patches look great.


    Iron On Embroidered Patches

    Preparing to Iron On a Patch

    • Determine what type of patch you have- some patches have a glue backing (iron-on) and some have a plain fabric backing (sew-on).  For a sew-on patch, you may need additional materials to apply the patch.
    • Examine the fabric of the item that you are applying the patch to -- cotton and denim are the best fabrics to apply patches to.  Be careful with any delicate fabric, such as polyester, silk, or rayon, as some of these are not supposed to be ironed and the material may not be able to hold up to the patch.
    • Take a moment to consider the placement of the patch. If this is the only patch you will apply, you may want it centered in a prominent location.  If you plan on applying a series of patches, be sure to leave enough room.

    Iron On the Patch

    • Place your item on a flat, heat-resistant surface, such as an ironing board.
    • Put the patch, glue side down, onto the item and make sure that the placement is correct.
    • Prepare the iron- use the hottest setting that the fabric can handle, and do NOT use steam.
    • Carefully place a thin towel over the patch- do not disturb the placement of the patch.
    • Position the heated iron over the patch and press firmly for 15 seconds.
    • Remove the iron and let the patch cool- check the patch.  If the edges are not fully adhered, cover with a towel and press for 10 seconds.

    Taking Care of Your Patch

    • Consider sewing around the edges for a more secure patch- choose thread that matches the patch.
    • Try not to wash the article too much- patches are durable but can become loose over time.  If your patch becomes loose, re-secure it with thread.
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    Enjoy your new patch and be sure to check out our full selection of embroidered biker vest patches.