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More Women than Ever are Bikers

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    According to a story in the L.A. Times, more and more women are riding motorcycles.  These ladies are joining women-only biker clubs and roaring down the streets on motorcycles that make a number of men jealous.  Surveys and other research show that these are not always the type of women you'd expect to see on a bike, either.  They're artists, designers, insurance agents, lawyers, and more.  Some are young and single, while others are older and married.  Some are tattooed ladies with buzz cuts, while others wear lipstick and exchange their biker boots for heels when they go out.


    In fact, a number of the women bikers who are getting on a motorcycle for the first time are in their mid-30s.  These are women who have always wanted to ride bikes but were told motorcycles were for men or simply hadn't had the time to get into riding.


    Women are a Small but Significant Number


    The Motorcycle Industry Council reported that in 2012, the number of women motorcycle owners was about 12 percent of the entire U.S. motorcycle market.  That may seem like a very small number, but it?s actually fairly significant when compared to the numbers from 2009.  In that year, 8 percent of all bikers were women.  Four percent may seem small, but it's actually the largest growth segment in the biker industry since the recession of the late 2000s.


    How this Affects the Biker Industry


    Because more and more women are riding motorcycles, the biker industry has responded by producing bikes that are smaller and lighter.  These motorcycles are easier for women to handle, although many have no problem getting on top of any motorcycle.  Companies have also started showcasing more women riders in their ads.  These women aren't decorating motorcycles or draping themselves over the bikes - they're riding them.


    Harley-Davidson reports that women own around ten percent of all Harley dealerships in the U.S.  Because of this, the company has worked long and hard to include women in their ads.  Recently, they released the Ultra Low street cruisers line that sits lower.  There's a shorter distance between the seat and the handlebars so they're easier to reach.  The handlebars also have narrow grips that fit smaller hands better.  Harley has also marketed the Road Glide cruiser towards women: their online image gallery for the bike features only women riders.


    Honda has also redirected some of their advertising towards women, and they have doubled the number of women who say they ride Hondas since 2009.  Women are particularly interested in the CTX700 and CTX700N lines.  About a third of these medium-weight cruisers are sold to women riders.


    A Continuing Trend


    The numbers show that women bikers are here to stay.  In fact, more and more women are trying their hand at motorcycle riding, and many are loving it.  Experts expect to see the percentage of bikers who are women to reach 20 percent within five years, especially as motorcycle companies produce more bikes aimed at women.


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