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Laughlin River Run 2009

  • Lucky and I decided to go to Laughlin this year for the River Run Rally, but we planned to get there a few days before the Rally started.  I hate being on the freeway with the Bike, so we decided to go the desert way.  I didn't count on a heatwave in April!  It was 100 to 110 degrees all the way to Laughlin!  alt

    We arrived in Laughlin on Tuesday evening and the weather was awesome for a Bike ride.  Beautiful.  We were tired, but as soon as you walk into one of those casinos, wow!  You wake up right away and want to start gambling and drinking, which we did for the rest of the night.

    The next day, Laughlin was infested with grasshoppers!  Yes, grasshoppers.  They were EVERYWHERE.  There was no way we could ride the Bike.  So we checked out vendors instead.  It wasn't that hot and since there were only a handful of bikers there, it was nice to wander through and shop with no crowds.  Of course Lucky spoils me and when I want to buy something, I usually get it!  After shopping, gambling, eating, and drinking most of the day, we settled down and watched a few Blues Bands play in the parking lot of the Colorado Belle, which is where we stayed.  (Also, getting to Laughlin early, we only paid $35 a night for a room, plus grasshoppers!)

    By Thursday, the grasshoppers were all gone and a lot of bikers were coming in.  It was time for us to check out, but we weren't ready to leave yet.  We packed up the Bike and headed out to the Arizona side of the River and rode to Oatman.  Now if you've never been to Oatman, you are definitely missing out!  It is a cute little western town about 14 miles East of the River on Route 66.  100 years ago it was a mining town.  Wild Burros (donkeys) freely roam the town and can be hand-fed carrots and "burro chow," both readily available in practically every store in town. 

    After Oatman, we rode back down Route 66 and then turned South towards Needles, CA.  We stopped at a little bar in a really small town called Golden Springs.  Everyone knew everyone at that bar.  The bartender looked like someone's Mom!  The best part...they have Jello Shots for only $1.00!  My kind of place!

    Sadly, it was time to head home.  We rode over the Colorado River and into California towards the West.  I watched as more and more bikers were on the other side of the freeway going to Laughlin.  We left the 100 degree desert and within 3 hours, we had to pull over and get our leathers on!  It was 60 degrees in Barstow, CA!  I am so glad I took my chaps and leather jacket.  I don't mind riding on the Bike in the heat, but screw the cold.  I HATE being cold on the Bike.

    I have to say, it was a wonderful trip and Lucky and I had a great time.  We hope next year that some friends (BikerCrap and luckytoo) can ride with us and share grasshoppers. 

    Check out our pictures in Lucky's Laughlin Album