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shattered spine

  • OK, so being a 56 year old construction worker has it's drawbacks. I shattered a disk in my spine. Doctor says he can put me back together. but he also says i can F**k it up again. So, I gotta make my 08 roadking ride real smooth. I'm usually on it alone and the bike is an inch or two tall for me (5'7"). I've still go the air rides on it. I've heard that sportster 883 12" shocks will shorten the bike AND give me a smoother ride. HMMMM...... your thoughts?


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  • RexTheRoadDog I'm only 5'8" so lowered my 04 King 2" and let me say that definitely made it a harder ride. As for the Sportster 12" I think they might help but I'd have to test it first. I havn't looked at new HD for a L O N G time but back in my day...  more