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Golden Aspen Promoters Retire

  • Golden Aspen Rally Promoters Retire


    2017 Marker the Last Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally and Aspen Cash Poker Run/Rally



    Here is a message from the promoters...


    Dear Rally Participants, Loyal Christian Motorcycle Association and Other Volunteers, Vendors and Corporate & Business Supporters:


    Afer many, many hours of prayers, soul searching and personal reflection, we have decided after 20 years of promoting and working on the AspenCash Motorcycle Rally/Poker Run and 30 years of promoting and working on the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally, for personal reasons it is time to retire.


    We are hereby announcing that 2017 marked the last year for both the AspenCash and the Golden Aspen Rallies.


    We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has participated in, waorked at and supported us over these many years!


    For communication purposes our rally email, Fabcbook, website, PO Box, phone number, etc will remain available for the next six months.


    Should the Rally Promotion be passed to andother company or individual the website may reflect this in the future.


    With our Sincere Appreciation and Thanks,


    Jill & Ron Andrews

    Golden Aspen Rally Association