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2009 Hollister Independence Rally

  • UPDATE: Good News - Even though the City of Hollister has canceled the motorcycle rally and events downtown...The original GTMC Bolado Park rally at Hollister Ca. is Back. This is NOT a city event the entire event will be at Bolado Park.

    For more information, go the the Bolado Park Rally listing.

    Once again the city of Hollister has canceled the Hollister Independence Motorcycle Rally.  You may rember the happened once before, back in 2006, and people showed up anyway.  Even thought there were no sponsored vendors, and the streets were not closed to cars...the parties went on at the local biker bars, and in the camping and lodging areas.

    Here is the official statement from the City of Hollister:

    HOLLISTER, CALIFORNIA – February 3, 2009 – The Hollister City Council voted to cancel the 2009 Hollister Motorcycle Rally, citing concerns over the potential cost to the City’s already struggling general fund.

    The decision to cancel the rally came after months of careful consideration. Since 1997, the Hollister Motorcycle Rally has been an annual event.  Spiraling expenses caused a review of the feasibility of continuing the rally. Starting in 2004, the City had to begin paying increased costs for assistance from state law enforcement agencies. Due to the downturn in the state budget, these agencies could no longer provide services without reimbursement. In addition, adjustments were made to ensure that contracts with officers from outside agencies conformed to state law. Of course, as attendance at the rally increased over the years, additional law enforcement personnel were necessary to ensure the safety of rally attendees and the residents of Hollister.

    In addition to law enforcement expenses, the City incurs costs associated with preparing for the event, as well as public works and equipment expenses. Finally, there are other public safety expenses, such as supplemental firefighter/paramedic staffing.

    These expenses exceeded reimbursement by over $100,000. This left the City with a general fund expense at a time the City is facing severe cutbacks and spending down its general fund reserve. Facing the possibility of even greater expenses and further reduction of its general fund, the City Council voted to cancel the 2009 Hollister Motorcycle Rally.


  • GoFur
    GoFur You know between this and the city of Myrtle Beach passing all those laws to try to push bike week out, I am not sure these people are thinking this through. Don't they realize how much money this brings to the businesses in their towns. These businesses...  more
    March 25, 2009
  • 08StreetGlide
    08StreetGlide This town has been trying to kill this for several years, and yes the merchants are PO'd, but can't seem to do anything about it. They have created such an expense with calling in law enforcment from all over the state, that cost them a fortune. But...  more
    March 25, 2009
  • EventMan
    EventMan Please notice the update above regarding the Bolado Park Event.
    May 18, 2009
  • CarLow
    CarLow I have camped at Bolado Park when the Hollister Rally was going on. It was a great time even with no planned activities. The crowd started their own wet t-shirt contest and a good number of the campers spent most of their time at Bolado Park and just...  more
    June 2, 2009