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Motorcycle / Biker Event Calendar

  • Entering Events


    Please read these guidelines before entering Events into the system...


    First and foremost - This is a Motorcycle Event Calendar.  Do NOT ENTER EVENTS that are not MOTORCYCLE EVENTS.  Even if you have a motorcycle related business, if the event is not motorcycle related, DO NOT ENTER IT!


    • To enter an Event you must be a registered user and logged in   [Login]   [Register]
    • DO NOT USE ALL CAPS when entering any field for you Event (if you do your Event will most likely be deleted)
    • DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE PUNTUATION OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS (ex. **** MY Event !!! ***) Your event will definitely be deleted!
    • Do NOT enter duplicate events.  Check the calendar to ensure the event is not already listed.  (If you find an event listed which you are the promoter of, just contact us and we will transfer the event to your account so that you can manage the event.)
    • Do not list individual event activities as seperate events (i.e. If you list your Bikefest as an event, do NOT create seperate event listings for a band playing or chili cook-off during the event.  Simply list all of the event activities under the main event description)
    • Do NOT enter mutiple events under a single events.  (i.e. If you have a bike night every Wednesday during the summer, do NOT list as one event runing from June - September.  Each event must be listed individually)
    • Do NOT list an ongoing event every day in the calendar... i.e. a movie showing or book sale that goes on for months.
    • Event End Date/Time is OPTIONAL.  Use event end date for multi day events or for a single day event that ends at a specific time.
    • Use the location "Box" to help people find the event (i.e. In the parking lot behind the Harley Davidson dealer)
    • If you know the street address, please add if in Address, this will allow the Map feature to work.  If you know the ZIP CODE, you should definately enter it.  This will allow us to show events to a user that our near them.
    • Be sure to use the correct Category for the Event to make it easy to find in search
    • All Privacy Options are totally up to you.  If it is an Event open to the public, leave these on the default settings
    • If you have a Flyer or Logo (or any photo/image) for your event, click the Add Main Photo button.  Events with a 'Profile' image tend to stand out better.  Once you create your event you can add additional photos or images by clicking on the Photos tab.
    • The Event Calendar is the ONLY AREA on the site in which events may be promoted.  Do NOT list events in the forums, blogs, or other areas of the site.  Do NOT send out mass Friend Requests or Messages soley to promote an event.


     What Can NOT be entered as an Event in the Calendar:

    • A band appearance at a bar or club is NOT considered a Motorcycle Event, even if it is a biker bar, and should not be added to the calendar.
    • A business sale or discount days is NOT considered an event and may not be promoted in the event calendar.
    • A raffle, contest, or give-a-way that does not actually include a destination for motorcycles.
    • A private party or event not open to the general public (exception - you may enter a private event if you mark the privacy correctly when entering the event. I.E. set is as an invitation only event, or set the privacy option so the event can only be viewed by Your Friends)
    • Meetings or assemblies that are not actually some type of event, this includes meetings for clubs, groups, etc.
    • Anything else that is not an actual destination gathering of motorcycles.


    In the Event Description box, please do not duplicate information we have already provided entry fields for (i.e. event website, phone, number, event email, etc).  This will help the search function work better when users are searching for events.


     We are going to work very hard to ensure we have not only the most complete list of motorcycle and biker events, but the easiest to navigate, search, and use.  We ask your help in accomplishing this by following the simple guidelenes above. The CycleFish Team will also be moderating the Events entered to ensure they have been entered and categorized correctly.

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